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Route 66

Route 66 Facts & Trivia

Maps, History, Facts and a State by State description

US Highway 66 Facts: Learn about the History, the curious facts and trivia of Route 66. See all the maps: historical, and state maps. Get a detailed state by state description of the highway.


Route 66 Maps

Click Route 66 Maps, for links to maps of Route 66.

For each of the towns on Route 66 and each of the States listed below we include a map with the alignment of US 66 through the town and state.

Don't miss our Altimetric map which you can adjust to see the elevation profile of any part of Route 66.

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History of Route 66

Route 66 has been an important part of American life since it was created in 1926. It is deeply linked to the fate of many towns, to the travel, lives and experiences of millions of Americans who rode along it seeking jobs, new horizons or enjoying their vacations.

Our History page, details the story of U.S. Highway 66.

Trivia and Curious facts

All the Facts about Route 66

A road like Route 66 has plenty of fun-facts, trivial data and curious information, learn about them here: Trivia.

Route 66 FAQ

  • How long is it?
  • What are the speed limits?
  • How much time will it take me to drive it?

These and other questions are anwered at our FAQ page

States along US 66

Click below to learn all about each of the states along Route 66:

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California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas  

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Image by A. Whittall.

Image by Vítězslav Válka adapted under its CC BY-SA 3.0 CZ License.