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Route 66

Map of Route 66 through Missouri

Missouri Flag

Route 66 Map in Missouri

Our Interactive Map of Route 66 in Missouri shows the different alignments of Route 66 across the state of Missouri. It also includes a clickeable icon for each town, city, village and hamlet along its alignment.
Click on the town icons of the map for a link to more detailed information on their attractions, landmarks, history and accommodations plus detailed local maps.

This Google Map shows the different courses taken by Route 66 over the years across Missouri and the dropdown menus provide links to all the towns along US Highway 66 for even more detailed information.

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Map of Route 66

Map of Route 66 in Missouri

across Missouri.

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Click on a town's icon for a link to its web page: Full information on each town: attractions, landmarks, accommodation and mores maps with driving directions for the Route 66 alignment close to each town

Google Maps. Terms. Nicolas Mollet, CC BY SA 3.0 License

Color key to the map

Pale Blue: Historic Route 66 alignment west of Gray Summit. East of Gray Summit is the post-1932 road.
Red line or gaps in alignment, is I-40, where it overlaps the old alignment.
Blue and Green show different things which you should check at each town's individual maps. Route 66 segments
Orange: the 1926-32 aligment through St. Louis. (visit Route 66 through St. Louis for all the alignments through the city).
Black: missing segments.

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