Route 66 Attractions

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Route 66's Attractions, State by State: learn more about all the attractions, National and State Parks, towns, historic sites and landmarks that are located along the alignment of U.S. Route 66. A State by State, attraction by attraction list.
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How to Plan Route 66 Road Trip

An itinerary planner for Route 66

This is our "Road Trip Planner" page: with everything you will need to organize your Route 66 road trip.
Tips, advice, and many resources for planning your itinerary and preparing for your vacations.

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Route 66

Route 66 is the essence of Americana: The Mother Road as America's Main Street, embodies the core small town values of America, with its Mom-and-Pop stores, its vintage service stations, motels and diners.
It is also a representation of freedom, a roaming, mobile and automobile-oriented society, where new horizons for personal growth and experiences can always be found.

Travelers arrive from far away to experience "Americana" along Route 66, hear America's music, savor its food and see the horizon of the Far-West...
Route 66 is a compendium of all those things, and more.


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