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Your Trip to the US

Tips and advice on travel to America

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Travel tips for International Visitors: If you live in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa or Oceania, here you will find some helpful tips on how to plan your trip, get your travel visa for the US and book your air tickets to reach US Route 66.


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How to Plan your Trip


On our Get Started page we detail tips on:

  • Travel Check List
  • Bookings
  • Documents, Passport, Driver's License
  • Driving in the US, road rules
  • Tips on the US itself: smoking, drinking, taxes
  • Credit Cards, ATMs

Travel Insurance

Check out the available options, compare prices and...
don't forget to buy Travel Insurance.

Check the coverage that your existing insurance offers, and what additional coverage your credit cards may provide. But by all means, buy insurance.

See what the British Government has to say about foreign travel insurance

Why get travel insurance?

If you travel without travel insurance you are personally liable for covering any medical costs that you may incur in.

Medical treatment in the US can be very expensive.

Full cover is good idea: it wil cover not only illness, injury or medican expenses but also theft, damage and loss of luggage and even flight cancellations.

Accidents happen

When things go wrong, and mind you, accidents can happen to anyone, the costs start piling up and can very soon reach thousands of dollars.

Be smart and cover yourself and protect your assets, buy travel insurance.

US Visa

Getting your Travel Visa to the US

On our Visa for travel to America page we detail how to obtain your Tourist Visa.

Flying to your Route 66 trip

On our Flying in to Route 66 page we offer tips on cheap flights, best time to book, general air ticketing advice and ticket booking resources.

Lodging during your trip

Check out our Hotels and Accommodation page for information on hotels along Route 66 and don't miss the Tips on accommodation so you can book good hotels at reasonable prices for a happy vacation.

Rent a Car for your Road Trip

Things to consider when renting a car for a road trip

Coming from abroad you will need to rent a car for your Route 66 road trip.

Visit our Rent a Car page which has plenty of tips, advice and information on how to do this.

Consider these things as you begin to plan your trip:

  • Car Rental location and hours (at an airport? is it open 24 ⁄ 7)
  • One-way or round-trip rental?
  • Restrictions on mileage or return fees if return location is different from pickup location
  • Which is the best car? a SUV, a van, a large sedan? What type of luggage will you be carrying with you?
  • Insurance coverage, payment method, additional drivers, tolls...


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