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A State-by-State detail of Rte. 66 accommodation, with full information on the hotels and motels in each of the towns along Route 66.
Choose the town where you want to stop and find your lodging, compare prices, find out more about what each property has to offer, its ammenities and ratings...and book online Now.

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Route 66: a great Tourist Destination

Route 66 is a great tourist destination, and as such attracts a lot of visitors. It also has its high, low and shoulder seasons.

When you plan your Road Trip along the Mother Road consider spending the night in one of its classic vintage hotels or motels which are attractions in themselves

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Our state-by-state and town-by-town links to accommodation will help you Get your Kicks on Route 66!

You go to any state by clicking on it in the menu further down and find accommodation in that state's towns and cities located on (or close to) Old Route 66.

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Book your Hotel in Illinois

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Find your Hotels on Route 66 in Illinois

Follow the links shown below to find out more about the accommodation in each city along Route66 in the state of Illinois. The towns are listed from East to West:

The Seasons and Hotel Rates in Chicago Illinois

Summer (June through August) is the high season because the weather is the best, so most people visit Chicago during this period. Of course hotels are more expensive and packed so book in advance.

Winter holidays are also high season and can be crowded too.

During June and September, less crowded and better yet not overly cheaper rates.

Low season falls during late fall and spans all winter (November through March) -excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas ⁄ New Year holidays. Harsh freezing weather is not good for Route 66 Road Trips though.

Mid season with nicer weather and fewer crowds and also mid value rates falls during two distinct periods: April through May and September through October (clear weather in Fall).

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Lodging in MISSOURI

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Find your Hotel or Motel in Missouri

There are plenty of towns straddling Route 66 as it winds its way across Missouri, click on the links below to find your hotel, compare prices and book your room.

Route 66 accommodation in Missouri

Room Rates and Hotel Seasons in St. Louis Missouri

Tourists peak in July and then gradually drop off to a minimum during November and December (cold, windy and chilly months).

The winter dip ends in February and more visitors can be expected through spring and summer as the weather improves.

Room rates follow a similar trend, with a peak in June to August and during September and October.

Tip for summer travelers: Most visitors means higher room rates. Book in advance.

Sleep in a Classic Route 66 Hotel

Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven Hotel

icon resembling classic motel neon sign blue white and red

203 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield Missouri

Still alive and kicking, after more than 80 years! it is a modern and trendy hotel with a long Route 66 History.

It first opened in 1938 as the Rail Haven Motor Court with eight stone cottages. It was enclosed by a rail fence, which gave it its name. Its owner, Lawrence Lippman joined the Best Western hotels association in 1948.

The old classic neon sign has been restored and set up just west of the intersection. It is still part of the Best Western group and boasts Route 66 rooms:

1950s view of the Rail Haven Hotel in Springfield Missouri

1950s black and white photo of the motel and its neon sign
1950s photo of the neon sign and the Rail Haven Hotel in Springfield MO.

1950s view of the Rail Haven Hotel in Springfield Missouri

Hotel room with 1960s automobile tailfins decorating bed
A room with retro US 66 ambiance at the Rail Haven Hotel in Springfield MO.

Accommodation in KANSAS

Motels on Route 66 in Kansas

With only 13 miles, it is the shortest alignment of Route 66 in any state. But you will find your hotel in Baxter Springs

Baxter Springs Motels

More motels and hotels close to Route 66 in Kansas:

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OKLAHOMA: Route 66 Hotels

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Book your Hotel in Oklahoma

Follow the links below to learn more about the US 66 hotels in Oklahoma:

classic 50s neon sign of Campbell Hotel in Tulsa

Built in 1927, the recently remodelled Campbell Hotel in Tulsa, used to be the US 66 "Casa Loma Hotel".

This lavish boutique hotel's building is a typical example of the Mission - Spanish Colonial Revival style.

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TEXAS Motels & Hotels

Your Route 66 hotels in Texas

Click Below to find your hotels on Route 66 in Texas:

Cowboy depicted on motel neon sign Amarillo

Best time to book hotels in Amarillo

Peak season is spring. The weather is great but accommodation rates are highest.

Fall is off-season and prices are better, temperatre is lower and crowds have thinned out.

Summer is very hot and dry so think pool when booking your hotel. It is also the month with most visitors, so hotels tend to be more expensive and short of rooms. Book well in advance for your summer holidays.

Winter (except December which is a very busy month) is low-season: January and November see the leasts travelers visiting the city. Rates are cheaper, weather chilly. Expect snow.

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NEW MEXICO, Route 66 hotels and motels

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Find your hotel on Route 66 in New Mexico

There are plenty of vintage Route 66 motels in New Mexico, and you can still sleep in some of them. Check out the options below.

Motels and Hotels along New Mexico's Route 66

Towns from East to West on the Main Alignment, Click to find your hotel

Lodging on the Old "Santa Fe Loop"

Route 66's 1926 to 1937 alignment

vintage neon sign of the Blue Swallow with a 1960s car parked next to office
Book your room in the classic Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico

New Mexico off season & high season

For Santa Fe, room rates drop and low season begins with late fall and continues throughout winter. (Late Oct to Feb.) With springtime mid-season begins and summer marks peak season rates (July - Aug) with tighter room availability. The Pueblo festivals in fall (Sept.) are also a high occupation period.

Albuquerque has a high season from the middle of April till the end of October, November and december are mid-season and the low rates period runs from January to mid-April.

October is a good time to visit New Mexico: less crowds, good weather, festivals and discount rates at many hotels.

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Hotels & Motels in ARIZONA

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Seasons and Hotel Rates in Arizona

Arizona hotels' room rates are seasonal: for the Grand Canyon, expect high rates during the high season between mid April and the end of October (spring, summer and early fall).

The as the cold weather sets in, its low season and low room rates. The same applies for the Northern part of the state during the cold months (late fall, winter and early spring).

Southern Arizona (Tucson, Phoenix) is the opposite: mid and late summer is so hot that nobody does anything outdoors so it is low season. The cooler months (January to early April) are High Season and the hotels charge highest rates during February and March.

Route 66: Flagstaff hotel trends

A study by the Northern Arizona University in 2018 found that 13% of those staying in Flagstaff were from abroad, and 57% were out of state residents. 78% of them lodged in hotels or motels and spent an average of 3 nights in town, and the main purpose of their visit was tourism: visting the Grand Canyon and ⁄ or a nostalgia Route 66 road trip (44% of the visitors)

Although most tourists visit Flagstaff in summer, it is gradually becoming a four-season destination. The "busy months" are April to August and Sept to Janury are the "slow months".

Book your Hotel or Motel in Arizona's Route 66

Pick a town on Route 66 and find a hotel

The links below will take you to the hotels in each town along the Arizona alignment of Route 66. Book your lodging online.

Motels and Hotels in...

icon resembling classic motel neon sign blue white and red

Classic Route 66 Motels to spend the night

They have been on Route 66 since its heyday and you can still stopover and spend the night there!

Lodging in towns that are near Route 66
  • 25 mi from Kingman: Yucca
  • 29 mi from Flagstaff: Sedona
  • 30 mi from Williams:Valle
  • 52 mi from Williams: Tusayan (Grand Canyon Area)

> > Hotels in the Grand Canyon Area

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CALIFORNIA Accommodation

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Hotel and Motels along Route 66 in California

Click on the links below to find motels and hotels on California's US 66

Route 66 Motels and Hotels in...

Hotels Close to Route 66 on the Colorado River: Resorts and Casinos

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The Luxury Hotels in West Hollywood

Mondrian Hotel

8440 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

You can Book a Room in the Mondrian Hotel

Built in 1959 during Hollywood's golden age, it was recently remodelled into a boutique hotel.

Sunset Tower Hotel

The Sunset Tower Credits

Sunset Tower Hotel

8358 Sunset Blvd.

You can Book a Room in the Sunset Tower Hotel

Built in 1931, this 15 story Art Deco building (also known as The Argyle and St. James' Club) is Listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Errol Flynn and billionaire Howard Hughes lived here.

Andaz Hotel

8401 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

You can Book a Room in the Andaz Hotel

Part of Hyatt's Andaz brand, this 4-star hotel was known as the "Riot House" because it was very popular among the rock and roll bands that played on the Strip: Robert Plant, Keith Richard and Jim Morrison stayed here.

Chateau Marmont, West Hollywood

The Chateau Marmont. Credits

Chateau Marmont Hotel

8221 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood

Studio Boss Harry Cohn once told a young William Holden "If you must get into trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont".

It is also known because Comic actor John Belushi died here in 1982, of a drug overdose, when he was 33 years old.

You can Book a Room in the Chateau Marmont Hotel

Best time for Booking your hotel in Los Angeles

Though visitors flock to LA throughout the year, they peak during summer and reach their lowest during November.

Room rates also peak during summer from June through August with more visitors in town despite the heat.

Visit town during spring (March to May) and fall (Sept. to November) though rates are higher than winter, they are lower than summer and you may find good deals when booking in advance.

Winter has the best room rates with the lowest corresponding to December; it is also the rainy season so pack an umbrella.

Banner image: Hackberry General Store, Hackberry, Arizona by Perla Eichenblat.

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