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Route 66

A Route 66 Itinerary

Road Trip with Directions

The State by State Itinerary along Route 66: An outline for your U.S. 66 Itinerary with information on all the attractions, sights and landmarks along the road. Your trip detailed state by state, town by town.

The whole US Route 66 in one webpage.

A detailed description of Route 66 through all the states, town by town, mile by mile.

Route 66, the itinerary

Click below to see a detailed itinerary through each states (states are listed from East to West, and so are the towns in each state).

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Maps of Route 66

Check out our state-by-state map with the alignment of US 66:

Blue Swallow Motel
Blue Swallow Motel, New Mexico


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Towns located on the Illinois segment of Route 66

From East to West

Read all about ILLINOIS, its sights and landmarks.

Click on the town below to learn more about its attractins, history and more!

There are several alignments of Route 66 through Illinois, we have listed the 1926-1930 alignment towns separately as they lie on a separate alignment:

List of the 1926-30 Route 66 Towns East to West

This segment lies between Springfield and Staunton west of the later 1930-77 US 66:

Route 66 in Illinois

Chicago is the easternmost point of Route 66

Current mileage: 289 mi.

Route 66 crosses the state with a Northeast - Southwest course, from Chicago to East Saint Louis, linking Lake Michigan with the Mississippi River.

Route 66 starts (or ends) at Chicago on the intersection of Jefferson and Jackson Boulevard. Grant Park is the official eastern terminus of Route 66. At the intersection of Jackson and Michigan you will find the End Historic Route 66 sign.


End route 66 in Chicago

End of Route 66 in Chicago. Rob Young

From the start (or end) of Route 66, (mile zero), by Grant Park (historic site) take W. Adams St. west until reaching the diagonally oriented W. Ogden Ave, turn left (actually the alignment in 1926 was along W. Jackson Blvd., but it now runs west to east, that is why you must take the following street). Follow Ogden until reaching Lawndale Ave (11 mi.) and turn left along it. At Joliet Rd., take a right and just keep on it. It is the Historic US 66 in Illinois.

Take a detour along W 55 St and East Ave. to bypass a closed section and return to Joliet Ave (14.8 mi.). Pass under I-294 and at Exit 276B access I-55, this Exit marks the border of Cook County, where Chicago is located.

Take I-55 westwards and leave it at Exit 268 passing under I-55 and heading along S. Joliet Rd. towards the South. It becomes N. Independence Blvd. (IL-53) in Romeoville. Follow IL-53 towards Joliet, the highway overlaps with IL-7 (34 mi.).


Keep southwards, the road becomes N. Broadway St. and crosses the Des Plaines River via Ruby St. After the bridge turn right along IL-53 through downtown Joliet (39 miles).

Follow U.S. 6 south which at 4th Ave. Becomes U.S. 52, cross I-80 and then leave US 52 and stick to IL-53 which splits towards the right. The road curves to the SW to reach the towns of Elwood (54 miles) and Wilmington (68 miles), where it turns west and crosses the Kankake River.

The road goes towards the SW again (IL-53) passing through Braidwood (78 mi.) and then Godley and Braceville.

It reaches Gardner (104 mi.), going through the town along IL-29, (Main St.) and turning south along Historic Route 66 just before reaching I-55.

U.S. 66 runs on the eastern (south) side of I-55 next to the railroad. Near Dwight at 110 mi you will see the old paved surface of the original alignment of U.S. 66, to your right.

Historic Odell service station

Historic Service Station in Odell, Illinois. Ivo Shandor


Keep on U.S 66, which passes around Dwight (111 mi.) and keeps on running to the east of I-55 towards Odell, which it enters along N. West St. (121 miles). Don't miss its Ambler's Texaco Gas Station (Historic Site).


Leave the later alignment of US 66 and go through the town along the original course of U.S. 66. See the Standard Oil service station (Historic Site) on S. West St. and Deer St. Outside of the town the road runs next to I-55 once again. Until they separate (127 miles) near Pontiac.


Once again leave the later alignment of Historic US 66 and take the old 1920s alignment through town: right onto Pontiac Road (131 miles) and south down N. Division St., west along W. Lincoln Ave. and then again south along N. Ladd St.; you will reach the center of the city (139 mi.), visit the Historic Illinois State Police Office.

Mural in Pontiac Ill.

Mural in Pontiac, Illinois. Ivo Shandor

The road crosses Tuttle Creek; at W. Reynolds St. take a left onto Historic US 66 and leave town. The highway keeps its southwestern course till it reaches Chenoa, (142 mi.).


Cross the town via N. Morehead St. leaving US 66 and take a right at US 24 to return to the Historic US 66. The road now runs beside I-55 and reaches Lexington (150 miles).


Go through the town along Parade Rd, Main St. and S. Grove St. to return again to Historic US 66 (152 mi.), follow it as it runs next to I-55 and reaches Towanda (159 mi.).


Visit the deadly curve on N. Quincy St. (see image) and follow Historic US 66 towards Normal and Bloomington.


Later alignments of US 66 went around the town along its eastern and southern sides on the corridor now used by I-55 Bus. Loop. We will describe the original 1926 alignment into Normal and Bloomington:

After reaching Veteran's Pkwy (I-55 Bus. Loop) (163 mi.), keep straight ahead, the road curves west and becomes Shelbourne St. west. Take a left along Henry St. south (164 mi.) which curves into Pine St. west and ends at N. Linden St., where you must take another left southwards, until Willow St. (165 miles). Take a right along Willow St. which will meet US Bus. 51 (166 miles). Take a left and pass through Illinois State University, heading southwards through Normal (visit Sprague's Super Service, a Historic Site.). Keep south towards Bloomington.


At Olive St. is the center of the city (168.5 miles). Keep southwards and at the crossing with S. Veterans Parkway (I-55 Bus. Loop) take a right along the later Historic US 66 (170 mi.) take a right onto Fox Creek Road (171 miles) to cross I-55 and take its west frontage road westbound all the way to Mc Lean (184 miles).

Mc Lean

Crossing the town along N. Fisher St., Main St. and Dixie Rd. Keep southwest and reach Atlanta (190 mi.).


Pass through town along Arch St. but don't miss its Historic Site, Downey Building, Atlanta. Keep on Historic U.S. 66 and cross I-55 at its Exit 133, (198 miles) accessing Lincoln.


Abe Lincoln statue at Lincoln Ill.

Abe Lincoln sits on a Wagon, Lincoln. Highsmith, Carol M.

Leave Historic US 66 and take Kickapoo St., then west along Keosuk St. and southwest again via Sangamon St, taking 3rd St. west and Stringer Ave. to meet Historic Route 66 SW of the town (204 mi.).

As you approach Exit 123 of I-55 take a left along Historic U.S. 66, just before reaching the Interstate. It runs towards the SW, and passes through Broadwell (211 mi.), Elkhart (215 mi.) and Williamsvillle (221 miles) where you will have to access I-55 South at Exit 109, through Stuttle Rd.

Leave I-55 at Exit 105 towards the town of Sherman, along I-55 Business Rd. (227 mi.). Pass through the town and keep on southwards; at the entrance to Springfield take a left (231 mi.) along Historic US 66 Bypass (IL-29).


The state capital. Historic US 66 Bypass (IL-29) was the 1940s - 50s alignment, the previous ones entered the city along what is current I-55 Bus. Rd.

Go along IL-29 which until it turns left at S. Grand Ave., but keep straight along S. Dirksen Pkwy until it ends at Stevenson Dr., where you must take a right and continue until you meet I-55 Bus. and there take a left, southbound.

Rabbit Ranch, Staunton Ill.

Cars buried in the ground, Route 66 at Henry's Rabbit Ranch, Staunton, Illinois. Highsmith, Carol M.

The road will reach the exchange between I-55 and I-72; there you should keep straight south along I-55 Bus. which will merge with I-55 proper, westbound. This is the old alignment of Route 66. At I-55 Exit 80 (245 miles) take Palm Rd. South, to access US 66 which is the western ⁄ northern frontage road of I-55.

Pass Divernon (254 mi.) and Farmersville (263 miles). After Waggoner, at IL-24, you will switch to the east Frontage Road (278 mi.), reaching Litchfield (281 miles).


Cross the town along Old Rte. 66 (access it with a left at N. 13th Ave.), visit the Ariston Cafe and the Belvidere Cafe, Motel, and Gas Station, Litchfield, Historic Sites. At Co. Rd. 1000 a right and a left will keep you southbound along US 66 (285 mi.), towards Mt. Olive.

Mt. Olive

Soulsby Service Station

Soulsby Service Station, Mt. Olive, Ill. Patty Kuhn

At the north access to Mt. Olive (289 miles) you can keep to Old Route 66 and bypass the town, or drive through it (city center 291 miles) and visit the Soulsby Service Station, a Historic Site (see image).


After crossing the railroad, take the right fork (295 mi.) passing under I-55 along Old 66 into Staunton, passing along its eastern side (297 mi.).

Keep south until Williamson Rd. forks to the right (299 miles), take this road which will meet IL-4 (300 mi.) and then take a left southbound. IL-4 meets I-55 at Exit 33, but stick to the west frontage Road, US 66 (303 miles).

The road will take you through Hamel (307 mi.), keep SW along IL-157, which will take you to Edwardsville.


At the crossing with IL-143 (315 miles), take a right and keep along IL-157 Westwards and then SW, cross the S. University Dr. (321 miles) and continue along Chain of Rocks Road, crossing over IL-255 near its Exit 30. Keep your westerly course till IL-111, (324 mi.).

Various Alignments

At this point is where the different alignments of U.S. Route 66 through East St. Louis begin: there were 4 different bridge crossings across the Mississippi River, and at least 4 alignments into East St. Louis and St. Louis. In this itinerary we will skip those going south into East St. Louis and take the 1930s- 50s alignment, across the Chain of Rocks Bridge. Which is the northernmost of these alignments.

Chain of Rocks Bridge

Chain of Rocks Bridge Ill. Mo. Historic Site.

Keep west along the same road leaving IL-111 behind. The road meets the railway tracks (325 miles), and you must access I-270 to cross the tracks at Namekoi Rd. Right after crossing the railroad, take the exit to Old Alton Rd., turn right and pass under I-270, then a left to meet the W. Chain of Rocks Rd. which crosses the navigation channel of the Mississippi River (328 mi.) and keeps west.

Chain of Rocks Bridge

At 330 mi, you will reach the end of the road at the Chain of Rocks Bridge (A Historic Site - see image), with its bend in the middle. It does not allow heavy vehicle traffic. At this point Route 66 crossed the Mississippi River.

To cross the River you will have to go back along the same route, to Il-3, (332 miles), take a left and at Exit 3B head West along I-270, crossing the Mississippi River and leaving Illinois, to enter Missouri (335 mi.)

East St. Louis

In East St. Louis south of the bridge, you can visit Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, a World Heritage Site of UNESCO.


Towns located on the Missouri segment of Route 66

List of Route 66 Towns in Missouri from East to West:

Route 66 in Missouri

Current mileage: 313 mi.

Route 66 crosses Missouri with a Northeast to Southwest course, from St. Louis, on the Mississippi, by the Illinois border, to Joplin by the Kansas State Line.

St. Louis

Saint Louis, Missouri

Saint Louis, Missouri, by Daniel Schwen

Illinois segments near St. Louis: Route 66 had several alignments through East Saint Louis and St. Louis. We described the northernmost one, used in the 1930s to 1950s, across the historical Chain of Rocks Bridge.

There were other alignments to the south, with four different bridges crossing the Mississippi River:

Read about all the Route 66 alignments in St. Louis.

As the Historic Chain of Rocks Bridge is closed for car traffic, we will enter Missouri from Illinois on I-70, via the "New Chain of Rocks Bridge" (you can see the old bridge to the south of the new one).

From the middle of the Bridge (state line and mile zero) head west and leave the Interstate, to the right at Exit 34, take a left onto Riverview Drive, southwards. At Bellefontaine Rd, (4.5 miles) turn left onto N. Broadway Ave, at Calvary Cemetery, take a right onto Calvary Ave. (6 mi.) and at W. Florissant Ave, turn left, southwards.

Pass under I-70 and continue towards the center of Saint Louis. Florissant Ave. ends at Mullanphy Ave. (11 mi.), follow the latter east and curve into N 13 St., left onto Cass Ave., and then right onto N. Tucker Blvd., southbound.

Keep on Tucker Blvd. crossing I-64 (U.S. 40) (13 miles) and cross the exchange between I-55 and I-44; the road keeps a southwesterly course becoming Gravois Ave. (14.2 mi.) known as Historic Route 66 and MO-30.

At the crossing with Chippewa St. (MO-366) (17 miles) take a right along MO-366 and follow it through Malborough (where the once famous Coral Court Motel stood), and Crestwood, followed by Sunset Hills and Fenton. The road will lead you (27 mi.) to I-44's Exit 276, use it to access I-44 westbound.

You will pass the "Ghost Town" of Times Beach, evacuated in 1983 due to dioxin contamination, by the Meramec River; it is now the Route 66 State Park (37 miles).


Meramec River Bridge US 66, Missouri

Old Meramec Bridge of Route 66, by Kbh3rd

When you reach Eureka (39 mi.), visit its Meramec River U.S. 66 Bridge (Historic Site). Continue along I-44 and leave it at Exit 261 (41.5 miles) in Allenton, cross to the south of I-44 and take a right onto Business Loop 44, which becomes Ossage St. as it enters Pacific (visit the Historical Site of the Red Cedar Inn) Cross the center of the city (46 miles) and keep on westwards along Bus. Loop 44 which is the south frontage road of I-44.

Keep straight at the access to I-44 Exit 253, (51 mi.) along The CO Rd 100, Historic Route 66, which crosses to the west of I-44 (52 miles) and passes by Villa Ridge.

Downtown Pacific, Missouri

Downtown Pacific, Missouri

At its intersection with U.S. 50 (I-44 Exit 247) keep straight along the West frontage Road, which is U.S. 66, at Exit 242, cross to the south side of I-44 (63 mi.) and take a right along N. Commercial Ave. all the way through St. Clair and passing its center (66 miles). At Co. Rd. 30 go right and then cross I-44 at its Exit 239 and take a left along its north Frontage Road (U.S.66).

At Hwy W, (74 mi.) cross to the East of I-44 (Exit 230), at Stanton (you can take a short side trip to the Meramec Caverns from here).

Turn right and keep along the south Frontage Road towards Oak Grove Village and then go through Sullivan (80 miles), and keep SW along W. Springfield Rd, and the South Service Rd., passing through Bourbon (86 mi.) along Historic Route 66. The road becomes the South Frontage Rd. again, passing by a "ghost town": Hofflins and 3.5 mi. ahead, entering Cuba passing through its business district (98 miles).

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Cuba is famous for its murals, stop and enjoy them; visit the Wagon Wheel Motel, a Historical Site.

Cuba Mural City, Missouri

Cuba, Mural City, Missouri. Highsmith, Carol M.

Leave the town along Historic Route 66, passing through Fanning, which has the World's Second Largest Rocking Chair. Just ahead, next to Exit 203 follow US 66 as it becomes the South Frontage Rd. again. (103 mi.), passing by Rosati and through St. James (111 miles). As the old US 66 passed to the north of what is now I-44, you must also cross I-44. So take a right along Co. Rd. 8 and pass I-44 at its Exit 195 and take a left along the N. Outer Rd. westbound, which you will follow until meeting U.S. 63 (121 mi.) north of Rolla.


Take a left, southward, cross I-44 and follow Co. Rd .70 through Rolla (123 miles). Visit its "Stubby Stonehenge" monument. Continue along Kingshighway, cross U.S. 63 and at the roundabout east of I-44, take Martin Springs Dr. (it is MO-7100) west. It becomes Eisenhower St. through Doolittle (130 mi.).

Hooker Cut

The large rock road cut just east of the bridge over the Big Piney River is the famous "Hooker Cut", which when cut in the 1940s, was the deepest road cut in Missouri and the whole US with 90 feet.

Keep west, it becomes Outer Rd. W. (MO-7300) through Newburg which ends as a dead end at Arlington you can avoid that by taking I-44 west at Exit 176 (133 miles). Leave the Interstate at Exit 172 (137 mi.) and keep on the N. Outer Rd. through part of Jerome, Powellville and Clementine, till you reach Exit 169 (142 miles) and cross I-44 to its south side and take a right onto Z Road which is US 66. Here the 1940s four-lane divided highway through Hooker Cut begins.

It passes by Hooker and Devil's Elbow (147 miles) named after a sharp bend of the Big Piney River -here you can take the 1926-41 alignment or keep on the later one. Ahead, at Exit 163, on the north side of the freeway is Morgan Heights on what used to be the 1926-41 alignment of Route 66. Keep westbound the road becomes I-44 Bus. Rd., crosses I-44 and goes through St. Robert (150 mi.)

View of Hooker Cut, Route 66
Hooker Cut, just east of Devil's Elbow, click on image for Street View


At Waynesville (152 miles), visit the Historical Pulaski County Courthouse. Leave town and go south (Hwy 17 - US 66) and at Exit 153, (158 mi.) cross to the south of I-44 at Buckhorn and stay on Hwy 17 or try the 1926-1930 alignment and visit Laquey. When MO-17 forks (161 mi.), take the right along AB Hwy - Route 66, westwards passing through Gascozark and one mile ahead Hazelgreen now on the S. Frontage Rd. of I-44. The bridge over Gasconade River (170 miles) is not open for cars, so you have to get onto I-44 before: at MO-133, Exit 145, at Gascozark (168 mi.). Head west along I-44.

At Exit 140, leave I-44 and at MO-T take a left and a right, to take the South Service Rd. westwards (173 miles). At MO-F Exit 125, (179 mi.) the road crosses to the North of I-44, reaching Lebanon (186 miles) via Route 66 (I-44 Bus. Loop).


Missouri S&T Stonehenge, at the University of Missouri, Rolla

Missouri S&T Stonehenge, at the University of Missouri, Rolla

Continue along I-44 BL, first west and then south but, when you reach I-44 at Exit 127 don't enter, stick to the North Frontage Rd. (US.66) (MO-W) through Caffeyville and then cross to the south-east side of I-44 towards Phillipsburg at Exit 118 (197 miles).

Take a right along MO-CC (US-66 & South Frontage Rd.); pass Conway (202 miles). The road runs towards the south, well to the east of I-44, passing through a ghost town: Sampson.

It goes through Niangua and then Marshfield (215 mi.). Stick to MO-CC (US-66) as it approaches I-44, and passes through Red Top and Strafford (228 miles) and becomes Co. Rd. 744 follow it towards Springfield.

Springfield "the Birthplace of Route 66"

There are three sites that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places: Gillioz Theatre, the Rock Fountain Court and The Abou Ben Adhem Shrine Mosque. Don't miss the plaque on the Park Central Square, which dedicates Springfield as "the Birthplace of Route 66".

Co. Rd. 744 passes by Springfield on its northern side and intersects with U.S.160 (242 mi.). Take a left along U.S. 160 southwards to pass along the western side of Springfield.

Old US 66 close to Carthage

As you approach Carthage, just before County Lane 110, (293 miles) on the right side of the road is the old paved road surface of U.S. 66. At County Lane 118, it crosses to the south as Old 66 Blvd. joining Co. Rd. 66 further ahead by Kellogg Lake.

At I-44 Bus. Loop, in SW Springfield (244 mi.) go right, cross I-44 and keep along Co. Rd. 266, passing through Halltown (259 miles), followed by the ghost town of Plano. When you reach the access to Co. Rd. 96 (261 mi.), keep straight on the "old" road, pass through Paris Springs and the road will curve following Johnson Creek to the SW. Cross Co. Rd. 96 and continue (Co. Rd. 266 becomes MO-N) for 1⁄2 mi. take a right across the old bridge on Lawrence Rd. (MO-2062), pass Spencer and join Co. Rd. 96. Go left (west). See the map above, this is shown with the black line. The road passes through two small communities: Heatonville and Albatross and then reaches Phelps (274 miles). Then come two more small communities: Rescue and Plew before reaching Avilla. The road keeps on SW and reaches Carthage (309 miles).


Drive In Theatre, Carthage Missouri

66 Drive-In Theatre, Route 66, Carthage, Missouri. Highsmith, Carol M

Visit its Historic Site: the 66 drive-in theater. Take a right on Central Ave. and a right on Garrison Ave. and pass through the town (310 mi.). Take a right again along Route 66, cross I-49 (311 miles) and head west towards Joplin.


The town's name is mentioned in the song Route Sixty-six (Get your kicks...).

As in all big towns, Route 66 had several alignments into and through Joplin. We will describe only one of them (Read about the other alignments through Joplin).

After leaving Carthage follow Route 66 and cross I-49 at its exit 46 (315 mi.). This is the 1926 alignment which crosses Carterville (319 miles). Take a right along the Main St. and head for Webb City, where it becomes Broadway (320 mi.); take a left along S. Orongo St. to 14th. St. then a right and at Route 66, I-49 Bus. Loop, a left. Take a right at E. Zora St., and a left at N. Florida Ave., a right on Utica St. until reaching Euclid Ave. which runs towards the SW. (324 mi.). At N. St. Louis Ave. go left until Broadway St. (turn right) until you reach Main St. and take a left through the center of the city (327 miles).

In Joplin's Schifferdecker Park visit the famous Mineral Museum.

At 7th St. (MO-66) go right, a: Take a left along W. Old 66 Blvd. (the 1926 alignment) to the State Line and leave Missouri, to enter Kansas (333 miles).

The later alignments followed MO-66 to the state line, and continued as KS-66 into downtown Galena KS, where both alignments met at Main St.


Towns located on the Kansas segment of Route 66

From East to West

KANSAS, click on the town to see the towns located along Route 66.

Route 66 in Kansas

Current mileage: 13 mi. The shortest segment of US 66 in any state.

Interactive Route 66 map in Kansas

See our Kansas Route 66 map, click on the map's links for full details on attracions, sights, Route 66 icons and more.

Route 66 crosses the southeastern corner of Kansas.

1930 Phillips 66 Gas Station in Baxter Springs, Kansas

1930 Phillips 66 Gas Station in Baxter Springs, Kansas. Kevin

From Joplin above, in Missouri, we described the alignment up to the KS-MO state line following W. Old 66 Blvd., at the State Line (mile zero), it changes its name to Front St.


Follow it to Main St. at the northern part of Galena (1.3 mi.), take a left along Main Street: it is the Kansas Route 66 Historic District-East Galena, a Historic Place. At 7th St., (KS 66) take a right.

The road runs to the west, crosses Spring River and entering Riverton (5 mi.).


Visit the Williams' Store, a Historical Place.

At the west of the town, the alignments split at U.S. 400 - Alt US 69: the later one follows U.S. 400 - Alt US 69), but the 1926 road keeps on west. Follow it to the Historic Bridge, over Brush Creek (7.5 mi.): the Rainbow Curve Bridge is the last Marsh Arch Bridge of all Route 66, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. After the bridge, the road curves south towards Baxter Springs.

Only remaining marsh arch bridge on Route 66

Only remaining Marsh Arch Bridge on Route_66, Riverton, Kansas. Marcin Wichary

Baxter Springs

It enters the town (10 miles) and curves left to meet again with Alt US 69. Take a right. The road passes through the central part of the town. Visit the Baxter Springs Independent Oil and Gas, a listed Historic Place.

The road leaves town, curving around a Walmart (the 1926 alignment went behind it, along Roberts Rd. on the east and W 30th St. on the south). Keep straight until you reach the Oklahoma state line (13 miles). Route66 keeps on southbound, along Alternate US 69 towards Commerce in Oklahoma.


See our page on Oklahoma.

Some of the towns located on the Oklahoma segment of Route 66

Click for a full list with All the Oklahoma Towns on Route 66.

Click on the towns below to place them on the itinerary (towns are listed from East to West).

Route 66 in Oklahoma

Current mileage: 376 mi.

Interactive Route 66 map in OK

See our Oklahoma Route 66 map, with the location of each town, and links on the map that give full details on attracions, sights, Route 66 icons and more.

Route 66 crosses Oklahoma from its Northeastern tip, to its western central area, passing through Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Vintage Phillips 66 Gas Station in Chandler Oklahoma

Vintage Phillips 66 Gas Station and historic cars, Route 66, Chandler, OK. Highsmith Carol M.

From the Kansas state line (mile zero), follow Alt. US 69, which passes through Quapaw (5 miles), site of the mysterious Spook Lights on Route 66, turns west and joins US 69, and as such runs westwards to Commerce (10 mi.).


It turns south through the town as Mickey Mantle Blvd. (the 1920s alignment took a right on D St. and another on Main St. meeting current alignment south of town). See its vintage service stations: Dairy King and Conoco Hole in the Wall. US 66 takes a southwards course as US 69, passing through the center of Miami (15 miles) along its Main St.


Visit the Miami Marathon Oil Company Service Station and the Coleman Theater (Historic Places). If you keep on south along the Main St. it becomes the "old" alignment of US 66 known as the "Ribbon Road", it runs between Miami and Afton.

Keep south till 3rd Ave. and take a right along Route 66 (US 69), westwards, crossing the Neosho River, and passing through the tiny town of Narcissa, don't miss the 1922 Ribbon Road only 9 feet wide, see the monument, on E-140 North of the town.

Keep south, cross I-44 -Will Rogers Turnpike, Toll Road (27 mi.) and US 60 to reach Afton (30 miles). US 66 continues with US 60 south and then takes a sharp curve to the west (35 mi.). It then crosses I-44 (Exit 249) and enters Vinita (45 miles).


Stop at the McDougal Filling Station and then go through town turning SW along Wilson St. (US 60 & 69). US 69 splits to the left and US 60 to the right (49 and 50 miles), keep straight along OK-66 highway through the tiny hamlet of White Oak and the town of Chelsea (63 mi.) with its Historic site, the Chelsea Motel.

OK-66 adopts a SW course through Bushyhead (69 mi.), and Foyil (72 mi.) where you should stop at the "The World's Largest Totem Pole", a Historic Site.

Keep on OK-66, reaching Claremore (82 miles) where you can visit the Will Rogers Museum and, after crossing the Verdegris River you will reach Catoosa.


Big Blue Whale, Route 66, Catoosa, Oklahoma

Big Blue Whale, Route 66, Catoosa, Oklahoma. Highsmith Carol M.

Don't miss the Big Blue Whale, (right beside the highway, 92.6 mi.). Leave the town behind and take a left on N 193rd E Ave (Co. Rd. 167) passing I-44 and turning right on E 11th St. (96.3 miles) towards Tulsa.


OK-66 runs with a westerly course, crossing I-44 and US 169 and US 75 (109 miles), entering the center of the city of Tulsa via E 10th St.

Tulsa has several historic sites on the National Register: The Circle Theater, Vickery Phillips 66 Station and 11th Street Arkansas River Bridge.

Follow OK-66 as it forks on the left at S. Denver Ave., crossing US 75 & US 64, heading towards the Historic bridge across the Arkansas River as Southwest Blvd., keep along this road as it crosses US-75, and then I-244 to its northern side (113 mi.).


SW Blvd which later becomes Frankona Rd. will run to the north of I-44, and cross again, to its southern side (122 mi.) to merge with OK-66 and head south through Sapulpa, which it enters via OK-33 (E. Dewey Ave.) taking a sharp right turn. The Historic #18 Bridge at Rock Creek.

Stay on OK-33 until it forks right towards I-44, then carry on straight along OK-66 through Kellyville (131 mi.). Route 66 crosses to the north side of I-44 (137 miles). It departs from the interstate, heading west. But then turns south, crosses I-44 and enters Bristow (145 miles) down its Main St.; stop to see its many Historic Landmarks like the Texaco Service Station. US 66 takes a right along W 4th Ave.; stay on Route 66 as it heads west passing through Depew (253 miles) and then, on the south side of I-44, Stroud (164 mi.); don't miss the famous Historic Rock Café or the dirt surfaced original Ozark Trail road.

Round Barn, Arcadia, Oklahoma

Round barn on U.S. 66, Arcadia, Oklahoma, Highsmith, Carol M.

Follow Route 66 west to Davenport (171 miles) with its Brick Paved Broadway Street (listed as a Historical Place), and Chandler (177 mi.); visit the Phillips 66 Station. Follow OK-66 west, passing through Warwick (185 miles) and its Historic Historic Seaba's filling staton. Just west, it crosses to the north of I-44 (188 mi.) going through Wellston and crossing its Historic Bridge. Then comes Luther (197 miles) with the Historic Threatt Filling Station and Arcadia (205 mi.).


See the Historic Round Barn and the Futuristic Pops 66.

Keep straight, cross I-35 (at Exit 141) on old-66, now US 77 and reach Edmond along its downtown area, take a left along Broadway (214 miles), see the blue hippo and follow US 77 into Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma City, visit the Historical Site: Milk Bottle Grocery

The town's name is mentioned in the song Route Sixty-six (Get your kicks...).

Leave US 77 at N. Kelley Ave. Exit (217 mi.), cross to the south of US 77 and head south along N. Kelley Ave. until reaching I-44 (222 miles). Then get onto it at Exit 128B westbound and immediately leave it to the right at Exit 128A, onto N. Lincoln Blvd., southbound.

Pops Restaurant, Route 66, Arcadia, Oklahoma

Pops Restaurant, Route 66, Arcadia, Oklahoma. Highsmith, Carol M.

This road will take you straight south right into the center of the city, by the State Capitol (225 mi.). Follow Lincoln Blvd., to the right and take a right turn along NE 23rd St. until reaching N. Classen Blvd. (227 miles), turn right along the Boulevard heading north.

At NW 39th St. take a left and head west (228 miles). After N. Young Blvd, a right will take you under I-44 to its north side, then take a left along its North Service Road and get onto I-44 at Exit 124, heading west; leaving I-44 (which turns left) and following straight along NW 39th Expwy. (Route 66), which passes by the north shore of Lake Overholser, on the North Canadian River, Historic Lake Overholser Bridge.

The road reaches Yukon (240 miles). Keep west, US 81 joins Route 66 the left and head north, into El Reno.

El Reno

Stop by the Historic Sites: Avant Service Station, the Jackson Conoco Service Station and a real Old West US Cavalry Fort: Fort Reno.

The road heads along US 81 and OK-66. At Sunset Dr. (254 mi.) take a left leaving US 81, and go down Sunset Dr. (I-40 Bus. Loop) westwards.

Take a right along E1020 Rd., (258 mi.) which is Route 66 (signs say Fort Reno Visitor Center and also the brown shield of US 66). Head west along it, it runs to the north of I-40, and crosses US 270 (263 mi.). The old 1920s alignment of Route 66, took a right here, passing through Calumet (5 mi to the north) and Geary, meeting the 1930s alignment further west near the Historic Canadian River Bridge. Keep straight, westwards along the 1930s alignment of Route 66.

At US 281 Bus, take a right (270 miles) until Jones Rd. NW, turn left, to the West, (272 mi.). You will meet US 281 (274 miles); turn left, to the southwest. The road (also OK-8), takes a westerly course and passes just south of the "ghost town" of Bridgeport (280 mi.).

The road becomes the North Service Road of I-40 (290 miles) and passes by Hydro (291 mi.); visit the Historic Provine Service Station (Lucille's Place).

Continue west along the I-40 Service Road and reach Weatherford (298 miles), along E. Main St. (see the Blair's Log Cabin built in 1892) and turn right along E. Main St. (I-40 Bus Loop) into the town; leaving it along S. 4th St.

The road turns west (OK-54) and again runs west as the Frontage Road of I-40, crossing to its south side at Exit 71 (309 mi.); keep a westerly course until N2290 Rd, where you return back to the north side of I-40 (311 miles) along I40 Bus. Loop, and enter Clinton (314 miles).

Old bar in Texola, Oklahoma

Old bar in Texola, Oklahoma


Visit its Historic Site the 1937 Y Service Station and the Route 66 Museum.

The road goes into the town along W. Gary Blvd., and then enters I-40 westwards at Exit 65, west of the town (317 mi.). At Exit 62, leave I-40, and get on its south side, head west along the Service Road, (319 mi.). At Exit 57, cross to the north of I-40 (324 miles), keep along the Service Road, reaching a "ghost town" Foss (328 mi.) (visit the "jail cell"); cross to the south at Exit 50 and enter Canute (335 miles) with its Historic Canute Service Station the vintage Kupka's Service Station and the 1918 Canute Jail.

Elk City

Once again cross to the North side of I-40 (N2050 Rd) (338 miles) and head west into Elk City visiting: HistoricCasa Grande Hotel and its Museum Complex. Cross OK-34 and turn left and then right along I-40 Bus Loop, through the town (341 miles). The road rejoins I-40 at Exit 32 (350 mi.); keep along the service road, west. And at Exit 25, turn again right along I-40 Bus Loop. into Sayre (359 miles).


At its 4th St. take a left passing through the town. Visit the Historic Beckham County Courthouse, the Champin Service Station and the Sayre Downtown Historic District. When you reach I-40, stick to its North Service Road (362 mi.). Head west passing through Hext. U.S. 66 passes to the south of I-40 at Exit 20 (371 miles) to then turn west and enter Erick along Roger Miller Blvd. (375 mi.). Visit the Roger Miller Museum and the vintage West Winds Motel.


Keep west along Route 66 after I-40 Bus Loop turns north, stay on E1240 Rd. all the way to Texola (382 miles), the last town in Oklahoma along U.S. 66; see the Jail and the Historic Magnolia Service Station. Go through it along 5th St. and leave the small town along OK-30 which turns to the northwest and crosses the State Line into Texas (383 mi.). At the Texas state line, the road will become Spur TX 30 and head towards I-40, and Shamrock, TX.


Texas, click on any town below to for Full details (including main Landmarks & attractions).

Some of the towns located on the Texas segment of Route 66

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Click on the towns below to place them on the itinerary (towns are listed from East to West).

Route 66 in Texas

Adrian is the midpoint of the original Route 66

Current mileage: 189 mi.


Interactive Route 66 map in OK

See our Texas Route 66 map, with the location of each town, and links on the map that give full details on attracions, sights, Route 66 icons and more.

Route 66 crosses the Texas Panhandle with an East to West direction, from Texola on the Oklahoma Border to Glenrio on the NM - TX state line.

The original Route 66 nowadays is mostly the frontage road of I-40. The 1920s segment can be found in the Jericho Gap (dirt), where there is a part that is missing, so you will have to go along I-40.

Another missing segment is west of Landergin, where you will have to keep on I-40 to reach Glenrio. There is a segment west of Conway is protected as a Historic Site.

From: Texola, OK to Shamrock, TX

From Texola, Oklahoma (mile zero), take the main road westwards. At the Texas state line (0.6 miles) it becomes Spur TX 30 which becomes the south service road of Interstate 40, and is the Historic Route 66 alignment. It crosses the Route 66 Bridge over the Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf Railroad (6.6 miles).

It becomes Business Loop I-40 at the interchange with I-40 (13.6 miles) and enters Shamrock as East 12th St.

At the northeastern corner of Main (U.S. Hwy 83) and E. 12th St. is the Conoco Tower Station (15 mi.).

CONOCO Tower Station, Shamrock

Historic Art-Deco Conoco service station Shamrock, Texas. Clinton Steeds

From: Shamrock to Lela

From Main St. in Shamrock, (mile zero), continue west along Bus I-40 (West 12th St.) which becomes State Spur 556. Ignore the road that leads (1 miles) to the right to I-40's north service road and keep on straight along the southern service road of I-40. Caution at the exit from I-40 (1.5 mi.). Keep on straight. At the crossing of Farm to Market Rd. 1547 (5.3 miles) is the access which leads to Lela on the north side of I-40 (Exit 157).

From: Lela to McLean

Keep on Route 66 westbound until the access - exit ramps by McLean (19 mi.); pass under I-40 to the north side frontage and turn left along 1st St. into the town of McLean.


McLean Phillips 66 Service Station

Phillips 66 service station at McLean, TX. David Spigolon

Visit its Historic Commercial District (Listed in the National Register of Historic Places). First Street will take you through the Historic District, past Devil's Rope Museum. Visit the Main Street and the iconic Phillips Service Station. (21 miles).

From McLean to Conway

From 1st St. and Main (0 mi.), in McLean, head west. At TX-273 (0.6 miles) turn left along TX-273 and pass I-40 (Exit 142). Take the south service road of I-40 westwards (1.2 miles) turning right at County Rd. 26 (2.2 mi.) and a left to go west down South Frontage Road of I-40.

The service road becomes TX-271 Loop W. at I-40 Exit 135 (8 mi.), and continues as the 3rd Street of the small town of Alanreed.


Main St. (8.6 miles), and west of the town, (9 miles) keep on the south Frontage Road of I-40.

The road arches towards the southwest but (12 mi.) at Exit 132 of I-40 you must leave the old road. The Jericho Gap begins here and it is very difficult to follow the old US Highway 66 (a dirt road).


Follow I-40 west until Exit 124 (19 mi.) here you can exit the interstate and take the exit to TX-70, cross to the south side of I-40. Here you can visit the old Jericho Cemetery, a few miles southwest of the Exit.

Otherwise keep on the I-40 westbound and (22.4 miles) take the overpass at Exit 121 and continue along the south frontage road of I-40 towards the west.


Vintage Post Card of the leaning Water Tower at Groom Texas

Leaning Water Tower, Groom, Texas. Illinois Digital Archives

At Exit 114 (30 mi.) the I-40 Frontage Road becomes I-40BUS and enters the town of Groom (Front St.) it crosses Main St. (31.5 miles) and meets the I-40 again at Exit 110 (33.6 mi.).

Groom to Conway

Take the south service road westwards and pass the Exit 105 (39.2 miles), an I-40 overpass with CR-V on the south and FM-2880 on the north, this is the location of Lark.

At the next important intersection (46.2 mi.) you will find CR-O on the north, leading to I-40's Exit 98 and TX-207 which goes straight ahead, westwards. Take it; it is the Historic US-66 (TX-207).


Shortly after, (47.2 miles) another crossing: FM 2161 heads west, and is US-66, it continues to Amarillo. This is the site of Conway. Take a right turn along TX-207 towards I-40 and just next to Exit 96 (47.8 mi.) to visit its Buggy Farm.

From Conway to Amarillo

The Route 66, SH 207 to Interstate 40

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

This segment of US 66 was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.

Closed cafe Glenrio

Glenrio's historic district, Art Moderne Café. Worldbuilder


From Conway at the crossing of TX 207, CR N and FM 2161 (0 miles), go westwards along FM 2161, which is no other than the historic U.S. Highway 66.

The road curves slightly after crossing CR I (5 mi.) at the point where FM 2 branches of on the left. Keep on U.S. 66 until meeting I-40 (7 mi.) by Exit 89.

The Historic segment ends here.

Towards Amarillo

Stay on FM 2161 and turn right to take the overpass across I-40 and then leave FM 2161 taking a left onto the North frontage Road of I-40.

Pass the next Exit 87 (FM 2372) (9.7 mi.) and keep west along the north frontage road. There is a rest area just after the exit (see the Peace Farm on the right). After passing CR D, 305, 307 and 309, you will reach I-40 Exit 85 (12.2 mi.).

At this point there are two alternative routes to reach Amarillo:

1. Follow Old US 66 as much as possible

Cross BL 40 towards the south, and keep on FM 2575 (which runs on the north side of I-40), cross CR A (14 miles), which after CR (16.2 miles) it becomes NE 8th Ave. follow it until it ends (18 miles) with a sharp right curve becoming B Ave.

The original alignment of US hwy 66 kept straight west but the airport was built and the road no longer exists. You have to detour around the airport.

Going around the Airport: take the following course to meet US 66 on the western side of the airport: Go along B Avenue northwards until it meets BL-40 ⁄ US 60 - E. Amarillo Blvd. (19.2 mi.) and take a right, westwards onto it.

At Folsom Rd. (21.7 miles) take a left along Folsom and go south until Triangle Drive (22.1 mi.), Triangle is U.S. 66. To the east is the airport and the now vanished US 66, covered by the runway. Take a right and go west along Triangle Dr. until TX 335.

Triangle continues west after N. Lakeside Drive ⁄ TX 335 (23.1 miles) but to cross the highway you must first go north to E. Amarillo Blvd by taking a right, then take a left to cross the overpass, and another left to go along the west side of TX 335 back to Triangle Dr.

At Triangle, take a right and keep westbound until meeting Amarillo Blvd. again (23.9 mi.). Here is an old Route 66 motel: Just along the Boulevard, next to the intersection, on the right is Historic Triangle Motel

Take a left onto Amarillo Blvd. It crosses the tracks (24.6 miles) and at N. Pierce St. (US 87) reaches downtown Amarillo (28.5 mi.)

2. Keep on the main roads

At the crossing, take a right entering BL-40 and head northwest till you reach US 60 -E. Amarillo Blvd. (16.4 miles). Turn left with BL-40 towards Amarillo. Cross (22.2 mi.) TX-335 and slow down to see Triangle Motel on the left side of the road just before it intersects Triangle Dr. (22.6 miles).


Big Texan Steak House

Big Texan Steak Ranch. Credits

Keep on straight along Amarillo Blvd till you reach Pierce St. (US 87) in the center of the city (27.3 mi.) of Amarillo.

From Amarillo to Glenrio, TX

From downtown Amarillo, (0 mi.) on Amarillo Blvd. and Pierce St. (US 87) take a left, bridge over railroad and (1 mi.) take a right onto SE 6th Ave. (TX-279) Go straight, it becomes SW 6th Ave., underpass (2.3 miles) and change of course of 6th Ave. (2.9 mi.) then keep west, through the Historic Sixth Street District. Take a left onto Bushland Ave (3.8 miles), which runs towards the SW, passes the Golf Course and passes under Bell St. (5 mi.). After the Underpass, take a left onto W. Amarillo Blvd. (I-40 Buss), and pass the Veteran's Hospital.

The road curves softly until crossing Coulter ST. (5.8 miles), adopting a westward direction. After crossing TX-335 (7.5 miles) it reaches Soucy, passes in front of the Historic Helium Plant (8.5 miles) and before reaching the "S" curve under the old railway line, the old alignment takes a right (9 miles) onto Indian Hill Rd.

The Cadillac Ranch is to the south of I-40 (10.3 mi.). You can only reach it from I-40 (See how to reach Cadillac Ranch).

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas. Richie Diesterheft


At Hill Road (12.6 mi.) turn left and get on I-40 westwards, in this area US 66 and I-40 overlap. At Exit 57, (14.7 mi.) you will reach Bushland.


Leave Bushland (14.7 miles) and continue along the North frontage road of I-40 and reach Wildorado (23 miles), at Exit 49.


Keep on the north service road, and at Exit 37, the road keeps on straight, as or I-40 Business W ⁄ US-66 reaching Vega (35.1 miles), the road becomes Vega Blvd. and reaches Main St. (35.7 mi.). Leave the town westwards along Vega Blvd., passing I-40's Exit 35 (37.3 mi.) and keep along the N. frontage Rd.


At Exit 28, (43 mi.) are the remains of what once was the town of Landergin.


Midpoint of Route 66

After Exit 23 - 22, the road becomes I-40 Business again, entering Adrian (49.7 miles).

Midpoint Cafe, Adrian TX

Midpoint Cafe, Adrian, Texas. Peer Lawther

Adrian to Glenrio

After Adrian, at Exit 18, Co. Rd. 18 and Gruhlkey (54.7 miles). Keep west on the Service Road which ends and takes a right, northwards This is the old alignment of US hwy 66, which followed the now abandoned Rock Island Railway. It curves north and then again south, meeting I-40 at Exit 15 (57.4 miles). In the past, the road crossed what is now the Interstate, following the railway tracks south and then west.

At this point you must get on I-40 westwards. The old alignment meets I-40 (67.2 mi.); to the south of the Interstate you will see the old road next to the now lifted railway tracks.

Keep on I-40. You will see the dirt Route 66 to the south, as the South Service Road (69.8 miles). Take Exit 0 (72.5), cross over I-40 and on the south side (58).


After the overpass you will meet ("T" crossing) US 66 running east - west. Take a right and reach Glenrio (73.1 mi from Amarillo) at the Texas - New Mexico State Line.

Total Texas Route 66 mileage: 183 mi.

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New Mexico

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri Illinois

See our page on New Mexico.

Some of the towns located on the New Mexico segment of Route 66

Click for a full list with All the New Mexico Towns on Route 66.

Route 66 in New Mexico

Current mileage: 392 mi.

Interactive Route 66 map in New Mexico

See our New Mexico Route 66 map, with the location of each town, and links on the map that give full details on attracions, sights, Route 66 icons and more.

New Mexico is the state with most mileage along Route 66. It is followed by Arizona with 388 mi.

At Albuquerque, two alignments of Route 66 cross each other, The the "Old" Santa Fe Loop went through Vegas and Santa Fe, the other (after 1938), bypassed them.

Route 66 crosses the state of New Mexico from Glenrio on the Texas border to Gallup in the high region in western NM. The old alignment runs mostly parallel to I-40.


From Glenrio, a Historic Site and Ghost Town, on the Texas state line, (mile zero), follow Route 66 westwards, it is a gravel surfaced road.

The road crosses San Jon River (7 miles) and heads west where it meets I-40 and becomes its South Service Road, (15 mi.). Enter the town of San Jon (18 miles) and follow Route 66 all the way to Exit 335 (38 mi.) as the Southern Frontage Road of I-40.

At the Exit, follow the road across I-40 into Tucumcari as I-40 Bus. Loop. - E. Tucumcari Blvd.


Must-see places: the Blue Swallow Motel, the Cactus Motor Lodge, the Odeon Theater and the The San Jon - Tucumcari Route 66 segment itself. The town has other attractions: the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum and the famous Teepee Curio Shop. A place to savour the vintage feeling of Route 66.

Pass through the downtown (41 miles), and carry straight on until reaching US 58, where you take a left towards I-40 and get onto it, westwards at Exit 329 (44 miles).

Blue Swallow Motel

Blue Swallow Motel, New Mexico

The old Route 66 continues but is cut at different places (on the North of I-40, as W. Tucumcari Blvd. and later at mile 70, you can spot it as the South Frontage Road which is inaccessible at this point).

You can leave I-40 at Exit 321 and go to the South Service Road, heading west along it (52 mi.) it passes to the north side of the Interstate (56 mi.).

Go by Montoya (63 miles) with its Historic site: Richardson Store. The road keeps close to I-40 and reaches Newkirk (75 mi.), and keeps due west until it reaches Cuervo where it passes to the south side again (Exit 291 - 84 miles). Cross I-40 and turn right after the bridge.

The road forks, the right branch heads back to I-40 (Frontage road), take the left fork which adopts a SW course and separates from the Interstate. It will meet NM-156, (91 mi.) take a right along it.

It will take you to I-40 and U.S. 84, (100 miles) at Exit 277, follow US 84 and cross to the North of I-40, take a left, again cross I-40 and enter Santa Rosa (102 mi.).

Teepee souvenir shop, New Mexico

Souvenir Shop in Tucumcari, NM. Carol M. Highsmith

Santa Rosa

See the Fat Man Club Cafe, stop by its Route 66 Auto Museum and leave town heading north (U.S. 84), cross to the North of I-40 at Exit 273, head West along the Interstate. At Exit 267 (119 miles), to the north, is NM 379, the original 1920s alignment via Santa Fe. At the next Exit 256 (NM 219 departs north to Santa Fe with US. 84, following the 1930s alignment).

Stick to I-40 which runs straight west for 25 miles, where it turns to cross some low hills. It crosses US 285 (158 mi.) at Clines Corners.

Southwest, along U.S. 285, it is 158 miles to Roswell, of UFO fame.

Route 66 through Santa Fe

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Route 66, the "Old" Santa Fe Loop

This is the pre-1937 alignment, which curved north to Santa Fe, and then south back to Albuquerque. The later alignment cut straight west to Albuquerque.

Leave I-40 and drive north towards Las Vegas along it, passing by Dilia, and reach I-25 at Romeroville (Exit 239), along I-25 to the east is Las Vegas:

Las Vegas

It has many Attractions, for instance, The Santa Fe Trail passed through this town. Visit its Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge.

Return by I-25 to Romeoville and keep west along it. Take Exit 335 and follow the frontage road as it crosses back and forth across I-25. Pass Tecolote, and at Bernal take Hwy B26A on the south side and then back to the north side along the Frontage Road and, again, on the south at Pecos River.

The road courses along a forested mountainous region. Pass Ilfeld and Rowe. At Exit 307 go to the north side along NM-63, pass through Pecos and take NM-50 to leave the town.

At Glorieta use Exit 299 to return to I-25 West. At Exit 294, take the "Old Las Vegas Highway" NM-300, which is the Frontage Rd. and becomes NM-466 as it reaches Santa Fe.

Go right into the city center along Pecos Trail, leaving NM-466; merge with the "Old Santa Fe Trail", and reach the downtown area.

Santa Fe

See all the Attractions & sights in Santa Fe.

State Capital and ancient Spanish colonial town. Visit St. Francis Cathedral and the Palace of the Governors. Take in its typical building style.

Leave the center along Alameda St., Sandoval St. and then Cerrillos Rd. Cross US 84, keep SW, the road becomes NM-14. Get on I-25 at Exit 278.

At Exit 259 you can take a side trip to visit Santo Domingo with its Historic Places Santo Domingo Trading Post and Pueblo of Santo Domingo (Kewa Pueblo)


Leave I-25 at Exit 248 and take a right and then a left along Camino Real Pan American Central Hwy or NM-313, and follow it south through Algodones and Bernalillo all the way into Albuquerque.

At Sandia Pueblo it merges with NM-556 at a roundabout. Head west along NM556, it becomes 4th St. NW. At Lomas Blvd.


The old alignment enters Albuquerque along 4th St., which changes direction, so follow 5th until meeting the other (1937) alignment of US 66 from Santa Rosa via Moriarty, on Central Ave in the downtown district of Albuquerque.

Getting back to the post-1937 alignment:

Stay on I-40 west until Exit 197 (179 miles) to enter Moriarty along I-40 Bus. Loop, following old Route 66. Visit the Sunset Motel and Jr.'s Tire shop.

At 181 mi. Keep on this road until just before Exit 194, take a left and a right to follow NM-333 west, it runs south of I-40 towards the NW.

Go through Edgewood (189 mi.). At Montezuma Heights, hills will appear and you can take the 1930s-40s alignment, crossing to the north of I-40 (Exit 181 - 194 miles) and following Sedillo Hill Rd. (NM-306) which arches north, and then south, crossing I-40 again (198 miles). Enter I-40 at Exit 178 westbound.

At Exit 175, cross south again and take N-M-333 west, it is the Old US 66. Pass through Tijeras (202 mi.). In this area, US 66 crosses the Cibola National Forest and the Salt Missions Trail. The road crosses to the North of I-40 (225 mi.) goes through Carnuel and again to the south of I-40 running west into the outskirts of Albuquerque.


The road becomes (229 miles) Central Ave. NE, entering Albuquerque.

The city has plenty of sights and landmarks: Nob Hill district with the Nob Hill Business Center and the Valentine Diner Police Substation.
Classic Route 66 motels such as the El Vado Auto Court Motel, De Anza Motor Lodge, Tewa Lodge and Luna Lodge.
The Historic Old Town of Albuquerque with its XVIII Century San Felipe de Neri Church Church. Downtown with the historic Kimo Theater, the vintage 66 Diner and Maisel's Indian Trading Post. And west of town on the Nine Mile Hill: the Grandview Motel, and Americana Motel among others... Get your kicks in Albuquerque's Route 66!

Old Bar in Suwanee

Bar in Suwanee. A. Whittall

Keep along Central Avenue, which crosses I-25 (217 mi.) to enter the oldest part of the city; it Becomes Central Ave NW, and on the corner of 47h St (219 miles) Route 66 crosses itself: it crosses the old 1920s alignment that came from Santa Fe. This is the "Old Town" of Albuquerque.

Follow Central Avenue as it curves around it and crosses the Rio Grande (221 mi.). The Avenue approaches I-40, but don't enter it, cross to its north side along Atrisco Vista Blvd. and follow the N. Frontage Road west at Exit 149. (228 miles), enter I-40 at Exit 140 (238 mi.) head West. Leave I-40 at Exit 126 (251 miles) and go south until meeting Old US Hwy 66, at Suwanee; follow it west.

Here at Suwanee, eastwards along NM-6 is the 1926-37 US66 alignment coming from Albuquerque through: Los Lunas, Peralta and Isleta.

Dead Man's curve at Laguna

The road adopts a NW course from this point, crosses to the north of I-40 (261 mi.) becoming Indian Service Rd 522 passing Mesita, keep along this Old Route 66 as it goes by two landmarks: the Owl Rock and the 180° Dead Man's Curve before reaching Laguna.

Laguna Pueblo

Dead Man's curve in Mesita

Dead Man's Curve, Mesita. A. Whittall

Stop to see the historic (1699) Laguna Pueblo and Saint Joseph Church both listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Cross San Jose River (268 miles).

Pass through Paraje, the "eastern gateway" to "Sky City", the historic Acoma Pueblo. Don't access I-40, stick to NM-124, pass by Cubero (277 miles), and reach San Fidel (281 mi.)

San Fidel

Stop by the Historic Acoma Curio Shop and see the ruins of Ruins of the Whiting Bros. Gas Station. Continue west and at Exit 96, NM-124 crosses to the south side of I-40, follow it west; you will pass right next to McCartys. At mile 289, Anzac Rd. (dirt and gravel) forks to the left. This is the old 1920s alignment, you can drive it or keep on NM-124 and merge with Anzac Rd. further west, where NM-124 crosses to the North of I-40, follow it into Grants (296 mi.).


Is the "Uranium Capital of the World" and has many Route 66 icons: the Wayside Motel, Sands Motel and Grants Cafe, the New Mexico Mining Museum and the site of The Old Fort Wingate near San Rafael.
Amazing outdoors: lava flows and sandstone cliffs at El Malpais National Conservation Area (don't miss the La Ventana Rock Arch), the El Malpais National Monument and El Morro National Monument.

Next to Grants is Milan (302 miles) and Toltec; US 66 is now NM-122, and acts as the North Frontage Rd. of I-40. To the south is Bluewater with its Historic Bowlin's Old Crater Trading Post, followed by Prewitt and Thoreau.


Reach Thoreau at Exit 53 of I-40 (329 mi.). See Roy T. Herman's Garage and Service Station, Listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Stay west on NM-122 at Exit 47 you will reach Continental Divide, at 7,245 ft. (2.209 m), the continental watershed: rainfall goes west to the Pacific or east to the Atlantic from this point. The 1930s alignment merges with I-40 here. Go west along the Interstate. Take Exit 36 towards the N. Frontage Rd. (346 miles) head west. At Exit 33, is Wingate, with its Historic Old West Fort Wingate. Close by are two ghost towns: Coolidge and Perea. Pass Church Rock village (352 mi.) and Rehoboth, cross to the SW of I-40 at Exit 26 (357 miles), entering Gallup.

Gallup Main Street

Gallup New Mexico
Gallup: Neon Signs and Main Street, Route 66, Gallup, NM,


Route 66 crosses the town, intersects its Main street (361 mi.) as Route 66 (I-40 Bus. Loop) , the town spreads south. There is plenty to see: visit the Red Rock Park, venue for rodeos, bull-riding, the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial and the Red Rock Balloon Rally.
See the Classic Route 66 El Rancho Hotel, the 1928 El Morro Theatre and the Lariat Lodge. Take a day tour to Visit Zuni Pueblo and Grants via El Morro National Monument and the "Badlands".

The town's name is mentioned in the song Route Sixty-six (Get your kicks...).

At Exit 16, cross to the north of I-40 and stay on NM-118 west (366 miles), through Defiance take a sharp right (388 mi.) to cross to the south of I-40 and continue west along NM-118. At Exit 8, US 66 crosses to the north side again, separates from I-40, Passing Manuelito at Surrender Canyon, and becoming its Service Road again (378 miles), and crossing the Arizona state Line to become Grant Rd. there. Mileage to this point (379 mi.).


See our page on Arizona.

Some of the towns located on the Arizona segment of Route 66

Click for a full list with All the Arizona Towns on Route 66.

Route 66 in Arizona

Current mileage: 388 mi.

Interactive Route 66 map in Arizona

See our Arizona Route 66 map, with the location of each town, and links on the map that give full details on attracions, sights, Route 66 icons and more.

Route 66 crosses the state of Arizona from Lupton on the New Mexico state line to Topock on the Colorado River next to California. The old alignment runs mostly parallel to I-40, except for a long intact stretch between Seligman and Flagstaff.

Williams, AZ was the last point on all of US 66 to be bypassed by an Interstate highway.

Arizona, Route 66, abandoned

Abandoned Cars, Route 66, Arizona. Carol M. Highsmith

From the New Mexico state Line, mile zero, go west along Grant Road until Exit 359, where you should cross to the South Frontage Rd. of I-40 and head west (0.5 miles). Pass by Lupton. Just west of Exit 351, (8.5 mi.) at the fork go left along Allentown Rd. and then right along Apache County Road 7240 - the 1920s alignment of Route 66. Near Houck (Exit 348) is Historic Querino Canyon Bridge.

When you reach US 191 by Sanders (21 miles), go right and cross I-40 (Exit 339) to the North Frontage Road. Head west. At Chambers (28 mi.) you will have to go south and access I-40 at Exit 333, head west.

Leave I-40 at Exit 33 and cross to the south Frontage Road (32 miles). The paving ends (38 mi.) but you can cross under I-40, to its north side. Here, to the south of I-40 is Navajo. Keep along the North Frontage Rd. (Pinta Road) and enter the Petrified Forest National Park, with its Historic Painted Desert Inn. Visit both Painted Desert Trading Posts and the Historic Little Lithodendron Wash Bridge on Route 66.

You can reach the Painted Desert Visitor Center from I-40 at Exit 311 (51 mi.).

At Exit 303, you can stay on I-40 until reaching Holbrook, or test your luck on the old 1920s dirt surfaced US. 66: at Painted Desert Indian Center, (59 miles) take the south Frontage Rd. west. It becomes Goodwater Rd., Coyote Rd., and crosses to the north of I-40. Take a left (65 mi.) along Pima St. in Sun Valley, in the outskirts of Holbrook.


Blue Mesa region of the Painted Desert ’The Tepees’,
 in Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

"The Tepees", Blue Mesa region, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest National Park, AZ, by Austin Whittall

Get onto I-40 at Exit 294 (68 miles) and take exit 289 onto I-40 Bus. Loop (73 mi.) into Holbrook, it crosses I-40 and enters the town, leaving it as US 180 (W. Hopi Drive through town).

Don't miss the Site of the Meteor fall of 1912, the South Central Av. Commercial Historic District with the Bucket of Blood Saloon. The Historic Navajo County Courthouse & Museum and the town's Route 66 classics: Historic Wigwam Motel (Wigwam Village Motel Holbrook), Rainbow Rock Shop with its dinosaur statues, Vintage Route 66 motels and Joe & Aggie's Cafe.

Get onto I-40 West at Exit 285 (78 miles). The old US 66 alternates as the south and north frontage. Exit I-40 at 277 (86 mi.) and head into Joseph City along hwy 40B, the Main St. was U.S. 66. (87 miles). Visit two Route 66 icons: Howdy Hanks and Ella's Frontier Trading Post on Main Street, return to I-40 at exit 274, go west and after 6 miles stop at the Jack Rabbit Trading Post,with its famous "Here it is!" billboard.

Leave I-40 at Exit 264 (98 mi.), follow Hubbard Rd. (on the north side of the Interstate, west) it will merge with I-40 at Exit 257 (105 miles), cross to the south side and enter Winslow along I-40 Bus. Loop (E 3rd St.).


Seligman Arizona, Route 66

Route 66 the Main Street, Seligman, Arizona. A. Whittall

Follow US 66 through the center of the town (109 mi) and visit its classic landmarks: the Travel Lodge Motel, the Navajo Lodge the Bazell Modern Court, the Marble Motel (still open), Entré Restaurant, also open, the historic Hubbell Trading Post and the last Harvey House: La Posada Hotel. Its natural setting is awesome, check the nearby Little Painted Desert.

At Exit 252, (112 mi.) get back onto I-40 west. The N. Frontage Rd. is the old US 66, a dirt road in this part. Pass by Leupp Corner and the now defunct Meteor City. If you enjoy dirt roads, take Exit 233 (130 miles) south and head south towards Barringer Crater (with its Meteor Crater (which is 6 mi south of I-40). At the southern tip of the RV Camp is Route 66 with a NW - SE direction, go right. Enjoy the old road. At Exit 230 (134 miles) is Two Guns, where you must get back onto I-40 westbound; but first see the sights: the Canyon Diablo gorge with a 1915 Route 66 Canyon Diablo Bridge listed in the National Register of Historic Places and a eerie Apache Death Cave and very nearby, the Canyon Diablo ghost town.

At Exit 219 is Twin Arrows (145 mi.) Trading post, a landmark.

You will see US 66 (Now AZ-394 on the right side, inaccessible from I-40 unless you drive back eastwards along it at the following exit: get off at Exit 211 (154 mi.) here you can go east. Head north into Winona along AZ-394 Townsend - Winona Rd. See the Historic Walnut Canyon Bridge.

Suddenly after all that desert, pine trees appear and so do the hills.

Flagstaff and Winona are both mentioned in the song Route Sixty-six (Get your kicks...).

Keep straight until meeting US 89, at Flagstaff (164 miles) and take a left towards the town.


Grand Canyon Arizona, Route 66

Grand Canyon Colorado River, Arizona, by A. Whittall

US 180 will join from the left with I-40 Bus. Loop. And you will pass by the historic Railway Station (172 mi.) in Downtown Flagstaff. cross to the south side and exit westwards.

Those interested in the outdoors and history can visit Coconino National Forest, Ruins of Elden Pueblo the Red Rocks State Park, Wupatki National Monument and the Sunset Crater National Monument or head even further to see the Monument Valley Navajo Park and the Grand Canyon National Park.
Science fans can visit the Lowell Observatory and the Museum of Northern Arizona.

Some of the Route 66 sights are: Historic Downtown District, the The Spur Motel, Western Hills Motel, Motel 66 and the Dean Eldrege Museum (Museum club)

Get onto I-40 at Exit 191 west (178 miles). At the next Exit at Riordan, (190) is the Arizona Divide with 7335 ft (2.237m) the highest point of the road in Arizona.

Just north of Flagstaff is Humphrey's Peak (12,633 ft. - 3.853 m), the highest point in Arizona, and site of the Arizona Snowbowl ski center, it is an extinct volcano.

You can reach Williams along I-40 or follow the old Route 66: Take Exit 185 at Bellemont, visiting the Pine Breeze Inn, and then head north along Hughes Ave. and a left onto the Historic Old Hwy 66. (184 mi.) - Branningan Park Rd. Leave Exit 178 behind, pass by Parks see the Parks General Store, (192 miles) head west and pass Exit 171 (198 miles) and keep along Deer Farm Rd. until Exit 167 (203 miles) and go to the south side of I-40 and follow AZ-51A west to Bearizona Park on US 66, (210 mi.) turn left towards Williams.


Williams Main Street Arizona, Route 66

Route 66 the Main Street, Williams, Arizona. A. Whittall

Pass through the historic downtown area of Williams (212 mi.). The Railway Station with its steam engines is an interesting sight. The trains go up to the Grand Canyon.

There are many motels to visit along the Urban Route 66 in Williams: El Pinado Hotel, Bethel's Motel, Sun Dial Motel, Norris Motel, Bell Aire Motel, Westerner Motel, Thundirbird Motel, El Rancho Motel among others.

Get back onto I-40 west at Exit 161, keep west until Ash Fork Exit 145, into Ash Fork. Go right (229 mi.) along Lewis Ave. and Return to I-40 at Exit 144.

At Exit 139 (236 miles) leave I-40 for the longest stretch of intact road surface of US 66 in the U.S., Arizona Historic Route 66, it has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Head west towards Seligman.


Drive through the historic town of Seligman along Chino St. (254 mi.) and head west. But first stop at Delgadillo's Historic Route 66 visitor Center. Delgadillo promoted the AZ Route 66 Association. The Central District is a Historic Site.

Some "must see" in Seligman: Snow Cap Drive-In, Old Richfield Service Station, Court Deluxe Motel, Historic Seligman Sundries, Historic Cottage Hotel.

The road passes by the Grand Canyon Caverns (279 miles), and reaches Peach Springs (291 mi.).

Ash Fork, Arizona, Route 66

DeSoto's Beauty and Barber Shop, Route 66, Ash Fork, Arizona. Carol M. Highsmith

Peach Springs

This is Indian territory, it is part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation; visit the Peach Springs Trading Post, Historic Site. Keep west and reach Truxton (288 mi.) -with the Frontier Motel and Café, pass through Valentine (309 miles) with its Valentine Trading School (Historic Site).


The town Hackberry is tiny and off the road, but the Hackberry General Store, on the right (314 mi.) is worth stopping at. It was a general store and now is a gift -curio shop.

At 320 mi. the road turns to the SW at Antares (see the Giganticus Headicus) and runs straight into Kingman where US 66 becomes E. Andy Devine Ave, and enters the town, crossing I-40 (337 miles).


The town's Commercial District is a Historical site.

The Avenue goes by the town, passes the Historic Powerhouse (341 mi.), and turns to the south becomes the south Frontage Rd. of I-40 and at Exit 44, crosses to the west (north) of I-40. Take a right along AZ-10, Oatman Road and head SW. (346 miles).

The road reaches the Black Mountains (359 mi.) and crosses them in a very snaking course, with sharp curves, left and right zig-zagging up and down. Sitgreaves Pass (3,652 ft.), is the summit. The worst part is over, when the road turns south again (368 miles), and runs along the western flank of the mountains.

Kingman is mentioned in the song Route Sixty-six (Get your kicks...).

Some Route 66 classics in Kingman: El Trovatore Motel, Casa Linda Café, Arcadia Lodge, Astro - Space Age Motel, Cool Springs, Travelodge Motel, Brandin' Iron Motel, Hill Crest Motel, Hill Top Motel, Ranchito Motel, Pony Soldier Motel.


US 66 reaches Oatman (370 miles), an old mining town. Visit the Durlin (Oatman) Hotel Historic Place.

Leave the town and then the mountains (380 mi.), to face the desert again, the "Wild Springs wilderness", reaching Topock (390 mi.).


The road passes Topock "bay" of Goose Lake and reaching Exit 1 of I-40 at 395 mi. Head west.

I-40 crosses the Colorado River; to the south is the Old Trails Arch Bridge (Historic Site), cross the New Bridge, and leave Arizona to entering California. Mileage to this point (396 miles).


California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri Illinois

Towns located on the California segment of Route 66

From East to West

CALIFORNIA, click on the towns below to see their location along US 66.

Route 66 in California


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Current mileage: 318 mi.

Route 66 crosses California from the Colorado River to the Pacific coast, from Needles to Santa Monica through the Mojave Desert and Los Angeles.

Kelso Dunes in Mohave Preserve California

Kelso Dunes in Mohave Preserve California, "Mike" Michael L. Baird

We will start in the middle of the bridge on I-40, over the Colorado River, (mile zero), at the Arizona state line.

The original Route 66 bridge is the steel arch bridge just south of I-40. It is a Historic bridge, and it appears in the movie "Grapes of Wrath".

You are entering the driest part of the trip, the Mojave Desert region, which was the toughest on both drivers and vehicles in the old-days. Keep on I-40, which turns north, towards Needles.

Leave I-40 at Exit 148, (6 miles) turn west and then north along Five Mile Road, and then north along U.S. 95, pass under I-40 (at Exit 144) and enter Needles.


Amboy Crater, Amboy, California

Amboy Crater, Amboy, California.

Visit the Historic Place El Garces. Go through the town (13 mi.) and follow Broadway St. (US 66), follow it, and take a left at Needles Highway, pass under I-40 and keep north, the road (River Road) crosses I-40 again (Exit 141 - 16 miles), follow the fork to the left along the National Trails Highway and return to I-40 at Exit 139 (18 mi.).


At Exit 133, (24 miles) go north along U.S. 95 towards Goffs, then (30 mi.) take a left along Highway 66. The road goes by Goffs (45 miles) and curves to the Southwest, crossing I-40 at Exit 107 (55 mi.). Keep South right beside the railroad.

Roy's Cafe & Motel, Amboy, California

Roy's Cafe & Motel, Amboy, California. Photographers nature

Route 66 meets the National Trails Highway south of I-40, and both keep a Southwest course passing by Essex and Chambless and reaching Amboy (94 miles), through the desert and with mountains to the north and south.


See the vintage Roy's Cafe and Motel. The dark cinder cone of Amboy Volcano is to the south of Route 66 next to the small town. The road skirts its lava field and turns Northwest passing by Bagdad, Siberia and Klondike and reaching I-40 at Exit 50 at Ludlow (122 mi.)


At Ludlow, pass under the Interstate and take a left along the north frontage road (National Trails Highway) towards the west.

Bagdad Cafe, Newberry Springs, California

Bagdad Cafe, Newberry Springs. Vicente Villamón

Route 66 crosses to the south side of I-40, then crosses the railroad, and keeps westwards along the south side of I-40. West of the access to Exit 23 it passes by Bagdad Cafe, and reaches Newberry Springs, where it crosses I-40 at Exit 18 (154 miles).

Follow the road along the north side of I-40 passing through Dagget (166 mi.). When you reach Nebo St. you must take a left to return to I-40 (168 miles) because although US 66 keep on straight, it enters a Marine Base.

Access I-40 via Exit 5 and just after the Base exit again (Exit 2 - 171 mi.), pass under I-40 and take East Main St. towards the West, along the south side of I-40, entering Barstow (173 mi.).


Barstow and San Bernardino are named in the song Route Sixty-six (Get your kicks...).

At Exit 1, follow Main St. to the north of I-40, cross I-15 and keep west. Visit the Harvey House Railroad Depot, a Historic Place.

The road arches round Barstow, crosses CA hwy 58 and takes a Southwesterly course.

Route 66 (National Trails Highway) will pass through small towns of Lenwood (179 miles), Helendale (197 miles), and Oro Grande (205 mi.).

The Torches Motel, Barstow, California

The Torches Motel, Barstow, California. Highsmith, Carol M.

It becomes North D St. and passes under I-15 at Exit 153, entering Victorville (210 miles).


Take a right onto Seventh St. southwards and at Exit 150 join I-15 southwards.

I-15 and the old alignment of Route 66 take a sharp curve towards the south through San Bernardino National Forest. You can take Exit 129 (234 mi.) and follow Cajon Boulevard, on the west side of I-15. At Exit 124, Kenwood Ave. enter I-15 and keep to the left, along I-215 towards San Bernardino. After the interchange of I-15 with I-215 keep right and exit again, onto Cajon Blvd. (242 miles) which will take you into San Bernardino.

San Bernardino


The Post-1930s alignment followed Kendall St. and then south along North E. St. until W. 5th St. where it turned west again.

It was on N. E St. that McDonald's opened their first Hamburger store

Also visit the Wigwam Village #7, a Historic Site and one of the two surviving Wigwam hotels along U.S. 66.

Cajon Blvd. turns into Mount Vernon Ave. take it south until W. 5th St. and take a right (252 mi.) . At Lytle Wash Creek it becomes Foothill Blvd. (CA 66).

The road goes through Rialto, Fontana (259 miles) and Rancho Cucamonga (268 mi.) with a westerly direction.

It keeps on west through a chain of towns: Upland, Claremont (275 miles) , and then takes a NW course at La Verne, crossing CA 210 and going through Glendora (284 mi.).

After Asuza it becomes Huntington Dr. through Monrovia (with its historical Aztec Hotel), crosses I-210 (Exit 33 - 294 miles) and keeps on westwards until it becomes Colorado Blvd., on the south of the Interstate, through Lamanda Park and into Pasadena (302 mi.).

Aerial view of Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California

Aerial view of Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California. Highsmith, Carol M.


There are several sites in Pasadena that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places: Foothill Boulevard Milestone, Howard Motor Company Building, Colorado Street Bridge, Bekins Storage Co. and the Rialto Theatre (South Pasadena).

At this point there are several alignments, the original 1926 one that ended in downtown Los Angeles, later 1930-40s variants through Northeast Los Angeles, and the late 1940s ⁄ 50s road which we describe below:

In downtown Pasadena turn left onto Arroyo Parkway southwards which becomes CA 110 and in South Pasadena turns west as Arroyo Seco Parkway (which is a Historical Place). It passes on the north side of Montecito Heights, and right in front of the Dodger Stadium and take Exit onto US 101 N, (right - 311 miles), this is the Hollywood Freeway.

At Exit 7, leave US 101 towards Santa Monica Blvd. (315 mi.) and take a left along Santa Monica Blvd. (CA 2) Here you will meet the 1930s and 40s alignment again.


The Boulevard takes you through the heart of Hollywood and West Hollywood, and then it takes a southwesterly direction through Beverly Hills and passes under I-405 (325 miles).

Santa Monica


Original US 66 ended in downtown Los Angeles (1926) it was later moved to the Pacific Coast Highway (then US 101 Alternate) which is current SR 1, in Santa Monica, California.

It heads towards the sea, through Santa Monica. Where it used to end, on Lincoln and Olympic Blvd. in the 30's and 40's.

But don't turn left on Lincoln Blvd. Keep straight ahead to its western terminus, on Ocean Avenue, 0.3 miles north of the Santa Monica Pier. End of Route 66. (396 mi.).

There is plaque at Ocean Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd. that dedicates US 66 as the Will Rogers Highway.


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