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Route 66 map

All kinds of Maps of US66

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Here on our "Route 66 Map Page" you will find links to all kinds of maps: Historic Route 66 map (for each town), an altimetric map showing the heights along US 66.
Google maps that show its alignment and Maps of each town and Maps of each state along Route 66.
We also include a tornado frequency map, Weather Maps, Historic Road maps and many more maps so that you can plan your Road Trip vacations with plenty of information.

Maps of Route 66

Our own maps of Route 66

Route 66 map, State by State

Click to see an example of a map

These maps are color coded to show the Historic Route 66 maps: original 1926 alignment, later realignments of Route 66 and the parts that can still be seen but are out of bounds and cannot be driven. We also show where the freeways overlap the original roadbed and some older roads that predate the Mother Road. Get your bearings with our Google Map of Route 66.

Altitude and Elevation Along Route 66

Though it is not a map, it has plenty of information on the altitude of Route 66 as it crosses the US from Chicago to Santa Monica: its highest points in the Ozarks and its passes in the Rocky Mountains:

> > US 66 Altitude information

Route 66: maps of its Towns

Map your way to adventure

A map, Route 66... and live your adventure

We have a map for each town, city and village along route 66. Select the town below and click to see its map of Route 66:

Choose the town to see its map

States from East to West, towns also. Click on the "Map" link at the top of each page to see the town's map,

Tornado Frequency Map along Route 66

See our Tornado Frequency Map along Route 66

Route 66 Weather Maps

See our Route 66 weather maps which show rainfall and seasonal temperature along Route 66. advertisement

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Historic Maps

Texas & US maps 1915 - 1937

a historic Route 66 map

Historic Route 66 Maps

A series of interesting Road Maps of Texas in the early 1900s, and a U.S. Roadmap (1937).

See the Jericho Gap (TX) maps too.

Route 66 Maps by DOT of Oklahoma

The Oklahoma DOT has a great maps webpage, where you can select the maps county by count.

1926 U.S. Highway System - showing Route 66's original alignment

1926 map of US highway 66

Thumbnail of the 1926 US highways map - with Route 66

Bureau of Public Roads (November 11, 1926). United States System of Highways Adopted for Uniform Marking by the American Association of State Highway Officials. A 1926 US highway system Map (with Route 66).

Arizona, New Mexico and California Maps from 1915

Railway map of the southwestern US along route 66's alignment in 1915

Thumbnail of one of the 1915 Railroad maps

The "Guidebook of the Western United States" by N.H Darton published in 1915 describes the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe railroad from Kansas City all the way to California.

The railroad chose the easiest route to cross Kansas, Texas, New Mexico Arizona and California, and for that very reason it was the route that was later followed by the first highways.

When Route 66 was created in 1926 it was aligned along those original roads and therefore ran parallel to the railroad.

This map shows us what the Southwest looked like over one-hundred years ago, barely eleven years before the creation of Route 66:

> > See these 1915 Maps

1927 Arizona Map

Below is a 1927 Map of Route 66 showing Santa Rosa, Santa Fe and Albuquerque, the "loop through Santa Fe" and the shorter NM state Highway 6 which would become Route 66 after 1937.

> > read about Route 66's Santa Fe Loop

A 1927 map of US66 in New Mexico
The 1927 alignment of Route 66 from Santa Rosa through Santa Fe.

California Early 1900s Maps

Mojave Desert Map ca. 1913

An early 1900s map Mojave Desert, California

The American Roads Forum in its section on Highway 66 >> Barstow and Daggett to Needles, has several "old" road maps dating from 1913 to the 1950s covering the Mojave Desert Region from Barstow to Needles.

More Vintage Route 66 Maps

Arizona roadmap from 1935

Arizona Road map 1935

Above is a thumbnail of the 1935 Road Map of Arizona (Arizona Department of Transportation).

Library of UTEXAS

Texas historic mapsl

Thumbnail of one of the USGS maps. The Library of the University of Texas has a Full collection of maps of Texas towns, including all towns located along U.S. 66 in Texas.

Missouri Highway Maps

The Missouri DOT has the Missouri Highway Map Archive 1918 - 2014, an online collection of maps which include Route 66, spanning 96 years of highway history.

USGS online Historic maps

1940 USGS map of Williamsville US66

1940 USGS map of Williamsville, IL

The United States Geological Survey has placed its historical topographic map collection online; just type in the location and select the year to find your map.

It is a great resource to discover the original US 66 alingments in different cities across the country.

The image shows (red line) two separate alignments of Route 66 through Williamsville in Illinois, the original 1926 road and the realignment during World War II (in 1940).


Banner image: Hackberry General Store, Hackberry, Arizona by Perla Eichenblat.

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