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All kinds of Maps of U.S. 66

Here, on our "Route 66 Map Page" you will find all kinds of maps of U.S. Higway 66.

Route 66 Map (state by state), maps of each Segment of Rte 66, and a Map of Route 66 in each town along its alignment.

We also have more Route 66 maps: an altimetric map showing the heights of the highway, a tornado frequency map, and Weather Maps so that you can plan your Road Trip vacations with plenty of useful information.

Plan your Route 66 road trip between Chicago IL and Santa Monica CA with our maps!

Table of Contents

Index to this page: The alignments with maps and full information in each of these states:

Map your way to adventure

A map, Route 66... and live your adventure

Route 66 Map

Route 66 maps: State by State

Maps of each Segment of Rte 66

We have a detailed description of US 66 with the complete Route 66 alignment from Chicago IL to Santa Monica CA; this is a mile-by-mile description of all US66 alignments from 1926 until it was delisted in 1985.
Each segment of the highway mentioned in this page includes maps like the one shown below.

interactive map with colored lines marking Route 66 alignments in Springfield Illinois
Example of one of our interactive US 66 maps. Click to see it

Map of Route 66 in each town

Each of the Towns along the highway have their individual webpages and in their "map" section you will find the one showing maps of Route 66's alignments in that town with a description.
Click to see an example of a town map (Bloomington Il), it has a historic roadmap, an Illinois DOT map (shown below) and of course, our custom interactive map.

1936 Illinois DOT roadmap of Normal and Bloomington

1936 IL DOT map of Normal and Bloomington, IL. Source
Click thumbnail map to enlarge

1955 USGS roadmap of Normal and Bloomington

1955 USGS map of Normal and Bloomington, IL.
Click thumbnail map to enlarge

More Maps of Route 66

Altitude and Elevation Along Route 66

Our altitude webpage has plenty of information on the altitude of Route 66 as it crosses the US from Chicago to Santa Monica.

Learn about its highest points in the Ozarks and its passes in the Rocky Mountains; the maximum elevation it reaches in Arizona, and its sea level altitude when it reaches the Pacific Ocean.

See our US 66 Altitude information page.

Tornado Frequency Map along Route 66

See our Tornado Frequency Map along Route 66.

Route 66 Weather Maps

See our Route 66 weather maps which show rainfall and seasonal temperature along Route 66. advertisement

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1926 map of US highway 66

1926 US highways map with U.S. 66

a historic Route 66 maps Texas

Historic Route 66 Maps in Texas

Railway map of the southwestern US along route 66's alignment in 1915

Thumbnail of one of the 1915 Railroad maps

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