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Route 66

Route 66 Planner Tool

How to Plan your Route 66 Trip

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This is our Route 66 Road Trip Planner Tool: A simple and quick way to start planning your vacations on Route 66.
With this tool you can define your starting point, your destination, find out the distance between them and the driving time required. You can adjust the driving speed and also how many hours per day you intend to drive to get a realistic estimate of your trip duration.
The planning tool will also give you links to some of the waypoints as well as the hotels and accommodation along along your planned itinerary.

Our travel planner is a good way to get a rough outline of your proposed trip along Route 66, which you can refine by following the steps mentioned in our Plan Your Road Trip page.

You can find even more information for planning your Route 66 vacation here on our website; check out the following links:


Road Trip Planner

This planning tool will let you find out how much time you will need to cover a given itinerary; it will help you find out more about the attractions along the way and book hotels too.


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States and Towns are listed from East to West

Chose your itinerary and plan your Route 66 road trip, either eastbound or westbound.

1. Your Trip begins at:

Choose the State where your journey begins

Select Starting Point State

Now choose the City where your trip starts

City where your trip begins

3. Define your Driving time:

How many hours will you be driving every day

Select hours of driving

2. Your Trip ends at:

Choose the State where your journey ends

Select Ending Point State

Now choose the City where your trip ends

City where your trip ends

4. Define your Driving speed:

Average speed you will be driving at

Select your Average driving speed

5. Get Road Trip Details

Click button to Plan your Trip



The Best Tips to Plan your Road Trip

Free E-Book

A beginners guide to planning a relaxing road trip

Here is what you will find inside:

  • How to calculate your budget
  • When to travel
  • How to define the length of your trip
  • Getting to your Road Trip
  • A Check list
  • Don't forget the Side Trips!
  • What to Pack
  • Plan it or go with the flow?
  • Hotel bookings


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 Road Trip Outline


Banner image: Dead Man's Curve, Laguna New Mexico by Perla Eichenblat.