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Route 66's remarkable places

Landmarks on US 66 in OK, TX, NM, AZ, CA

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We provide information on all the landmarks located along the U.S. Route 66 in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.
Our previous page (Page 1) covers the landmarks in Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.
Below is our State-by-State list of the landmarks by category in each town; click on them for more informations.

Choose a State and learn about its US66 landmarks:

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California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas

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Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

The landmarks along U.S. Route 66 are outstanding; from the kitsch (whales, chicken headed muffler men, gigantic catsup bottles and bowling pins) to the historic (cemeteries, churches, battle scenes) from technical engineering feats (bridges, original freeways) to the mundane (motels, diners, restaurants and gas stations). Here we list them so that you can visit them during your Road Trip along Route 66.

Notable Places

States are listed East to West from Oklahoma to California (this page) and from Illinois to Kansas (previous page); the towns are listed from East to West in each state.

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California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Oklahoma Route 66 landmarks

See the Top 10 Attractions in Oklahoma

1920s 9-foot-wide paved Ribbon Road

The 9 foot wide 1920s Route 66 "Ribbon Road", Miami, Narcissa, Afton, Jimmy Emerson, DVM

Motels and Hotels

Hotel Vinita (Vinita) Historic Site
Site of the Lewis Motel (Vinita)
the Chelsea Motel (Chelsea) Historic Site
Riviera Courts Motel (Miami) Historic Site
Acme Courts & Avon Court (Afton)
Historic Will Rogers Hotel (Claremore) Historic Site
Casa Loma Hotel (Tulsa) Historic Site
Hotel Lincoln (Stroud) Historic Site

tiny cottage style vintage Hole-in-the-Wall Conoco gas Station

Hole in the Wall Conoco Station, Commerce, Oklahoma, The White Pelican

Skyliner motel (Stroud)
Vintage Lincoln Motel (Chandler)
St. Cloud Hotel (Chandler) Historic Site
Tourist Court (Wellston)
Habana Inn (Oklahoma City)
Arcadia Motel (Oklahoma City)
Tower Motel (Oklahoma City)
Owl Courts Motel (Oklahoma City)
Western Motel (Oklahoma City)
Hotel El Reno (El Reno) Historic Site

cottage style Phillips 66 gas station

Phillips 66 Station, Chandler, A. Whittall

Cotton Boll Motel and the Washita Motel (Canute)
Casa Grande Hotel (Elk City) Historic Site
Flamingo Motel (Elk City)
1910 Old Boggs Hotel (Sayre)
West Winds Motel (Erick) Historic Site

General Stores & and Cafés

Dairy King (Commerce)
Buffalo Ranch (Afton)
Clanton's Cafe (Vinita)

classic brick building of Seaba's Filling Station, Warwick OK

An original 1921 Service Station that predates Route 66. Warwick, Oklahoma, Melodibit

Arrowood Trading Post (Catoosa)
Rock Café (Stroud) Historic Site
O’Mealey’s Cafeteria (Oklahoma City)
Cheever’s Cafe (Oklahoma City)
Former Heap Big Beef (Oklahoma City)
Mr. Swiss (Oklahoma City)
Dinah’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant (Oklahoma City)
Owl Blacksmith Shop (Weatherford)
Owl Drugstore & Soda Fountain (Sayre)

Other Route 66 icons & Kitsch

A 70 foot concrete blue whale in a pond

Blue Whale in Catoosa, Carol Highsmith

Blue Whale (Catoosa)
Historic Round Barn (Arcadia)
Nine foot wide Ribbon Road (Miami to Afton) Historic Site
The World's Largest Totem Pole (Foyil) Historic Site
Brick Paved Broadway Street (Davenport) Historic Site

Classic Route 66 Service Stations

Conoco Hole in the Wall (Commerce)
Marathon Oil Service Station (Miami) Historic Site
Afton D-X Station (Afton)

cottage style Vickery gas station in Tulsa

Vickery Phillips 66 Service Station, Tulsa, Oklahoma W. R. Oswald

Waite Phillips Filling Station (Sapulpa)
Bristow Firestone Service Station (Bristow) Historic Site
Texaco Service Station (Bristow) Historic Site
Texaco Station (Davenport)
Magnolia Station (Davenport)
Phillips 66 Station (Chandler) Historic Site
McDougal Filling Station (Vinita) Historic Site
Sinclair Service Station (Tulsa) Historic Site
Phillips 66 Station (Tulsa) Historic Site
Cities Service Station #8 (Tulsa) Historic Site
Vickery Phillips 66 Station (Tulsa) Historic Site
Historic Seaba's filling staton (Warwick) Historic Site

Avon Court Mote in ruins, Afton, Oklahoma

The remains of the 1930s Avon Court, Afton, Oklahoma, Larry Myhre

Threatt Filling Station (Luther) Historic Site
Phillips 66 station (Oklahoma City)
Former Texaco Station #1 (Oklahoma City)
Former Texaco Station #2 (Oklahoma City)
Former Texaco Station #3 (Oklahoma City)
Former Canopy style gas station (Oklahoma City)
Former Cottage style filling station (Oklahoma City)
Phillips Gull Wing Station (Oklahoma City)
1920s Gas Station (Oklahoma City)
Vintage Gas station (Oklahoma City)

round cylindric wooden barn

Round Barn at Arcadia OK, Carol Highsmith

Former Sinclair Filling station (Oklahoma City)
Bridgeport Hill Service Station (Geary) Historic Site
Provine Service Station - Lucille's Place (Hydro) Historic Site
Y Service Station (Clinton) Historic Site
Kobel's Place Service Station (Foss)
Ruins of a Conoco Service Station (Luther)
Futuristic Pops 66 Station Avant Service Station (El Reno) Historic Site
Jackson Conoco Service Station (El Reno) Historic Site
Canute Service Station (Canute) Historic Site
Kupka's Service Station (Canute)
Champin Service Station (Sayre) Historic Site
Magnolia Service Station (Texola) Historic Site

Theaters, Notable Buildings, Museums

Enormous Milk Bottle atop a Grocery

The Milk Bottle Grocery in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma State Capitol (Oklahoma City)
Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum (Oklahoma City)
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (Oklahoma City)
Gold Dome (Oklahoma City)
The Milk Bottle Grocery (Oklahoma City)
Metro Cleaners building (Oklahoma City)
Lake Overholser Bridge (Oklahoma City)
Route 66 Park (Oklahoma City)
Donnay Building (Oklahoma City)
Tower Theater (Oklahoma City)
Ritz Theater (Oklahoma City)
Will Rogers Theatre (Oklahoma City)

A Modern Landmark, the "Muffler Man" in Tulsa (read more about Muffler Men on Route 66)

Buck Atom, a modern Muffler Man in Tulsa Oklahoma
Buck Atom, the Space Cowboy Muffler Man in Tulsa.

Landmarks by town in Oklahoma

Find more information on landmarks by checking out each Oklahoma Route 66 Towns.


Texas US Hwy. 66 Landmarks

There are plenty of notable places along US66 in Texas, but first we want to highlight one of our favorites:

cottage style gabled McLean Phillips 66 Service Station

Phillips 66 service station at McLean, TX. David Spigolon

Phillips 66 Service Station, McLean

In McLean

Route 66 reached McLean in 1927 and shortly after Phillips Petroleum chose the town as the location of its first gasoline station in Texas, which stands to this day. The building is surprisingly small for modern travelers, it was built in Tudor Revival style (which imitated medieval English cottages with simple lines, steep pitched roofs, tall windows, brickwork walls and high chimneys). The service station closed in 1977 but has been restored to its original condition.

The gas stations were designed to blend in with the local neighborhoods, which were residential and that was the origin of the "cottage" look.

Phillips 66 Trivia

The company developed a high-octane gasoline in 1927 and ran a test drive along the brand new U.S. Highway 66. The car reached a cruising speed of 66 mph so inevitably the fuel was named Phillips 66®. The highway's shield shaped road sign inspired the company logo.

Classic Service Stations

art deco styled CONOCO Tower Station, Shamrock

Historic Place: Art-Deco Conoco service station and diner, Shamrock, Texas
by Clinton Steeds

Conoco Tower Station (Shamrock) Historic Site
Whiting Bros. Gas Station (Shamrock)
Vintage Gas Station (Shamrock)
Magnolia Gas Station (Shamrock)
Old Gas Station (Shamrock)
Phillips Service Station (McLean) Historic Site
Texaco Super 66 (Alanreed)

Closed cafe Glenrio

Glenrio's historic district, Art Moderne Café Worldbuilder

Dutch Mill Service Station and Café (Amarillo)
Taylor’s Texaco Station (Amarillo)
Martin’s Phillips 66 Station (Amarillo)
Magnolia Service Station (Vega)
Three vintage gas stations (Adrian)
Glenrio Service Stations (Glenrio) Historic Site


Sun ’n Sand Motel (Shamrock)
Shamrock Ranger Motel (Shamrock)
Village Motel (Shamrock)
Rambler Motel (Shamrock)
Western Motel (Shamrock)

Midpoint Cafe Neon sign

Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas
Peer Lawther

Sun Tan Motel (Shamrock)
Ranchotel (Amarillo) Historic Site
Triangle Motel (Amarillo) Historic Site
Royal Inn Motel (Wildorado)
Vega Motel (Vega) Historic Site
Sands Motel (Vega)
Bonanza Motel (Vega)
First Last Motel (Glenrio)

Front view of the Cadillacs

Grafitti covered and half-buried cadillacs
Grafitti smeared Cadillacs, Cadillac Ranch

Other Landmarks

vintage gas station

Restored Magnolia gasoline station. Route 66, Shamrock TX. By Billy Hathorn

Street paved with bricks (Shamrock)
Big Vern’s Steakhouse (Shamrock)
Blarney Stone (Shamrock)
Jericho Gap Old dirt alignment (Jericho)
Buggy Ranch (Conway)
Giant Cross (Groom)
Leaning water tower (Groom)
The Big Texan Steak Ranch (Amarillo)
Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo)
Historic Route 66 Segment (Conway) Historic Site
Roark Hardware (Vega) oldest operating hardware store on Route 66
Midpoint of Route 66 (Adrian) Halfway between Chicago and Los Angeles

Towns & Cities along Route 66 in Texas

Visit TEXAS US 66 Towns to find more landmarks and attractions.

New Mexico

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

New Mexico US-66 landmarks

Visit our New Mexico Rte 66 towns for detailed info on the landmarks in each town in that state. Below we summarize them by category.

Some Interesting Route 66 Landmarks in New Mexico

car atop a long pole -Santa Rosa Route 66 Museum

Santa Rosa Route 66 Museum, Tony Hisgett

Check this List with the top 10 Attractions on Route 66 in NM

Route 66 vintage Motels

Blue Swallow Motel (Tucumcari) Historic Site
Cactus Motor Lodge (Tucumcari) Historic Site

sharp 270%deg; curve -Dead Man's curve and red sandstone cliffs, in Mesita

Dead Man's Curve, Mesita, by A. Whittall

Sunset Motel, Sands Motel, Cactus Motel and Lariat Motel (Moriarty)
El Vado Auto Court Motel (Albuquerque) Historic Site
De Anza Motor Lodge (Albuquerque) Historic Site
Tewa Lodge (Albuquerque) Historic Site
Luna Lodge (Albuquerque) Historic Site
Wayside Motel and Sands Motel (Grants)
Lariat Lodge (Gallup)
El Rancho Hotel (Gallup) Historic Site
Plaza Hotel (Las Vegas) Historic Site

Austere adobe facade of the San Miguel Mission Oldest Church in the US

Historic Place: Oldest Church in the US, San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe. A. Whittall

De Vargas Hotel now Hotel St. Francis (Santa Fe)
Western Scene Motel (Santa Fe)
El Rey Motel (Santa Fe)
Cottonwood Court (Santa Fe)
Silver Saddle Motel (Santa Fe)
El Pueblo Court (Santa Fe)
Lamplighter Motel (Santa Fe)
Thunderbird Inn (Santa Fe)
King’s Rest Court Inn Neon Sign (Santa Fe)
Westerner Motel - now Stage Coach Motor Inn (Santa Fe)

There are many more landmarks, just check the towns above.

vintage Palomino Motel with classic neon sign in Tucumcari

Palomino Motel, Tucumcari, Ross Grif

Classic Gas Stations

Whiting Brothers Service Station (Moriarty)
Ruins of the Whiting Bros. Gas Station (San Fidel)
Roy T. Herman's Garage and Service Station (Thoreau) Historic Site
Whiting Brothers Service Station and Motel (Continental Divide)
Phillips 66 Gull Wing Gas Station (Santa Fe)
Old Texaco Gas station (Santa Fe)

This ends our description of some of New Mexico's landmarks along the Mother Road.

Teepe shaped entrance to curio shop
Souvenir Shop in Tucumcari, NM


California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Arizona and its Route 66 Landmarks

Standing on a Corner, mural and statue, Winslow, AZ. Route 66

The "Standin’ on a Corner" mural and statue, Winslow Arizona

In our Arizona Route 66 towns webpage we have detailed information on each of those towns landmarks, classic US 66 attractions and sights.

Route 66 Landmarks in Arizona

Blue Mesa region of the Painted Desert ’The Teepees’, in Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

"The Teepees", Blue Mesa area in Painted Desert
Petrified Forest National Park, AZ
Austin Whittall

Natural Landmarks

Petrified Forest National Park (Holbrook)
Meteor fall of 1912 (Holbrook)
Little Painted Desert (Winslow)
Barringer Crater (Barringer Crater)
Wupatki National Monument (Flagstaff)
Sunset Crater National Monument (Flagstaff)
Grand Canyon National Park (from Williams or Flagstaff).
Diamond Creek (Peach Springs)

sign of Hill Top Motel Kingman, Route 66

Hill Top Motel Neon Sign, Kingman, AZ
A. Whittall

Route 66 Motels

Historic Painted Desert Inn (Holbrook)
Historic Wigwam Motel (Holbrook)
Vintage Route 66 motels (Holbrook)
Travel Lodge Motel (Winslow)
Navajo Lodge (Winslow)
Bazell Modern Court (Winslow)
Marble Motel (Winslow)
La Posada Hotel (Winslow)
Downtowner Motel (Flagstaff)
Western Hills Motel (Flagstaff)
Motel 66 (Flagstaff)
Grand Canyon Hotel (Williams)
Bethel's Motel (Williams)

Frontier Motel neon sign

Frontier Motel, Truxton AZ
Carol Highsmith

Sun Dial Motel (Williams)
Mt. Williams Motel (Williams)
Del Sue Hotel (Williams)
Court Deluxe Motel (Seligman)
Historic Cottage Hotel (Seligman)
Supai Motel (Seligman)
Aztec Motel (Seligman)
Frontier Motel and Café (Truxton)
Siesta Motel (Kingman)
Bell Motel (Kingman)
El Trovatore Motel (Kingman)
Arcadia Lodge (Kingman)
Astro - Space Age Motel (Kingman)

Here it is! Jack Rabbit Trading Post, Route 66, Joseph City, Arizona

Here it is! billboard
Jack Rabbit Trading Post
Joseph City, AZ
Carol Highsmith

Cafés, Trading Posts and Route 66 classics

Painted Desert Trading Posts (Holbrook)
Little Lithodendron Wash Bridge (Holbrook)
Bucket of Blood Saloon (Holbrook)
Rainbow Rock Shop (Holbrook)
Joe & Aggie's Cafe (Holbrook)

Two giant arrows stuck in the ground side by side

Twin Arrows, Route 66, Arizona

Howdy Hanks Trading Post (Joseph City)
Ella's Frontier Trading Post (Joseph City)
the Jack Rabbit Trading Post (Joseph City)
Hubbell Trading Post (Winslow)
Meteor City Trading Post (Meteor City)
Route 66 Canyon Diablo Bridge (Two Guns)

Grand Canyon Arizona, Route 66

Grand Canyon and the Colorado River
A. Whittall

Apache Death Cave (Two Guns)
Twin Arrows Trading Post (Twin Arrows)
Parks General Store (Parks)
Snow Cap Drive-In (Seligman)
Angel & Vilma Delgadillo Gift Shop (Seligman)
Historic Seligman Sundries
Black Cat Bar (Seligman)
Historic Peach Springs Trading Post
Jade Chinese Restaurant (Kingman)
Casa Linda Café (Kingman)
Cool Springs (Kingman)


California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois


You can also check out our California's US 66 towns page to see all their landmarks.

Landmarks on U.S. Hwy 66 in California

From the Colorado River to the Suburbs of Los Angeles at its Western terminus in Santa Monica, Route 66 in California is packed with classic sights and notable spots.

Below are some of its landmarks listed from east to west in each category.

The "End of the Trail" sign on Santa Monica Pier

The end of the trail sign of Route 66 on the pier in Santa Monica
"End of the Trail" sign in Santa Monica, CA.

Cafes and Restaurants

Roy’s Cafe Motel in Amboy, Route 66 California

Roy's Motel and Cafe in Amboy Source

Wayside Cafe (Essex)
Roy's Motel and Café (Amboy)
Old Ludlow Cafe (Ludlow)
Ludlow Cafe (Ludlow)
Bagdad Cafe (Newberry Springs)
Poes Café (Newberry Springs) Gone
Kelley's Restaurant Sign (Daggett)
The Iron Hog Saloon (Oro Grande)
Emma Jean's Café and Truck Stop (Victorville)

Bagdad Cafe, Newberry Springs, California

Bagdad Cafe, Newberry Springs, California
Vicente Villamón

Summit Cafe (Cajon Pass) Burned down
Bono's Restaurant and Deli (Fontana)
The Magic Lamp (Rancho Cucamonga)
Sycamore Inn (Rancho Cucamonga)
Tugboat Annie's (Claremore)
Mr. D's Diner (La Verne)
La Paloma Restaurant (La Verne)

Classic Route 66 Motel sign in Needles, Route 66, California

Route 66 Motel sign in Needles, California,

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse (San Dimas)
Golden Spur (Glendora)
The Hat Pastrami (Glendora)
Denny's Windmill Restaurant (Arcadia)
Gus's Barbecue (South Pasadena)

Unusual McDonald's

First ever McDonald's (San Bernardino)
McDonald's "Golden Arches" building (Upland)
McDonald's "Golden Arches" building (La Verne)
Monrovia's McDonald's (Monrovia)

Route 66 Motels

vintage Route 66 neon sign

Vintage Neon sign at Coates Cyclery

Route 66 Motel
Palms Motel (Old Trails Inn)
Imperial Motor Inn
Desert Inn Motel Overland Motel
El Garces Hotel
Sage Motel
Kiva Motel
Needles Inn

Chambless to Daggett
Vintage trucks at former Ritchfield service station

Two old trucks at the Service Station in Ludlow, Darin Marshall

Chambless Camp (Chambless)
Roy's Motel and Café (Amboy)
Post Office and Motel (Ludlow)
Henning Motel (Newberry Springs)
Stone Hotel (Daggett)


Mom and pop motels on Route 66

Though motels were born in the mid 1930s, it was only after World War II, once rationing ended and people had time to enjoy life and travel, that motels boomed.

They appeared along the main streets of towns across America, ran by couples ("Mom and pop" outfits), they offered a kitschy home with airconditioning, plastic flowers, TV and wall to wall carpets.

Flashy neon signs designed as eye catchers lured in the weary travelers.

But the Interstate network and hotel-motel chains would mark their demise. By the mid 1970 most had gone. Yet a few have managed to survive and greet you on Route 66.

Lenwood to Victorville
detail of bottles at the Bottle Ranch

Elmer's Bottle Ranch, Helendale
courtesy of TripAdvisor

Lenwood Radio Auto Camp (Lenwood)
The Dunes Motel (Lenwood)
Sage Brush Inn (Helendale)
Green Tree Inn (Victorville)
Green Spot Motel (Victorville)
New Corral Motel (Victorville)

More Route 66 Motels in California....

San Bernardino
Teepee shaped rooms at Wigwam Motel

Wigwam Motel Route 66 San Bernardino.
Marcin Wichary


El Rey Motel
Rex Motel
Fiesta Motel

the Aztec Motel with its native bas-relief carvings

Facade of the Aztec Motel, Monrovia.

Motels from Rancho Cucamonga to Sierra Madre

Red Chief Motel (Rancho Cucamonga)
New Kansan Motel (Rancho Cucamonga)
Stardust Motel (Pomona)
20th Century Motel (Glendora)
Palm Tropics Motel (Glendora)
Stardust Motel (Azusa)
Colonial Inn (Azusa)
El Rancho Motel (Duarte)
Aztec Hotel Historic Site (Monrovia)
The Leven Oaks Hotel (Monrovia)
Oak Park Motel (Monrovia)
Frontier Motel (Arcadia)
Flamingo Motel (Arcadia)
Hotel Shirley (Sierra Madre)

Antique sign of the Hiway Host Motel 66 in Pasadena CA
Route 66 Motel Sign in Pasadena, Hiway Host Motel
Los Angeles

More Notable places in California:

Service Stations and Garages

giant orange-shaped fruit stand at Bono’s, Fontana

The Giant Orange fruit stand at Bono's, Fontana CA

Wheelers Flying A Service Station (Needles)
Old Trails Inn gas station (Needles)
Service Stations (Needles)
Carty's Camp Shell station (Needles)
Roadrunner's Retreat (Chambless)
Wayside Cafe (Essex)
Richfield Service Station (Ludlow)
Old Filling Station (Ludlow)
Whiting Brothers (Dry Creek) Service Station (Newberry Springs)
Mugwumps Service Station (Daggett)
Barstow Garage (Barstow)
Old Service Station (Lenwood)
Polly Gas Station Sign (Helendale)

1915 Cucamonga gas station

1915 Cucamonga Service Station
courtesy of TripAdvisor

Watson's Richfield Station (Helendale)
Mohawk Service Station (Oro Grande)
Wilshire Service Station (San Bernardino)
Cucamonga Service Station (Rancho Cucamonga)
Vintage Gas Station (Pomona)
Art Deco US Gas service station (Glendora)
vintage service station (Azusa)
Flying A Service Station (Monrovia)
Monrovia Gas Station (Monrovia)
Antique Service Station (Monrovia)
"Shed" style gas station (Los Angeles)
Union 76 Service Station (Beverly Hills)

black lava cone of Volcanic Crater in Amboy by US 66
Amboy volcano, its cinder cone, on Route 66 in Amboy. Daniel Mayer

Miscellaneous Sights: Oddities, Kitsch, Americana and interesting sights

Borax Wagon (Needles)
Mystic Maze (Needles)
Tom's Certified Welding & Machine Shop (Barstopw)
Bottle Tree Ranch (Helendale)
Giant Orange (Fontana)
Oldest Winery in California (1839) (Rancho Cucamonga)
Giant Cup of Coffee (Upland)
GuinessRecord breaking Wisteria vine (Sierra Madre)
Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain (South Pasadena)
location for the "Halloween" Movie (South Pasadena)
Chinatown (Los Angeles)
Chicken Boy - giant statue (Los Angeles)
Sunset Strip (West Hollywood)
Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills)

Neon Signs

Taco King neon sign (Upland)
Vintage neon sign at Coates (Pomona)
Liquor Store Sign (Azusa)
Rod's Grill Neon Sign (Arcadia)
Fish-shaped neon sign at Camerons (Pasadena)
Bekins Storage Co. Roof Sign (Pasadena)
Cindy's Diner Sign (Los Angeles)
Hollywood Sign (Los Angeles)

Natural Landmarks

Amboy Crater (Amboy)
Pisgah Crater (Newberry Springs)
The San Andreas Fault (Cajon Pass)
Arrowhead (San Bernardino)

End of Page 2

This concludes the landmarks in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. See those in the eastern states of Route 66 (IL, MO, KS) on Page 1.

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Visit the US 66 landmarks in Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas:

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