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Route 66 Top Ten Attractions

Must-see stops in each State

Last Updated: . By Austin Whittall

These are the "Top 10 sights" you must see when you do your Route 66 Road Trip, motels, muffler men, cafes, historic sites, and more, a collection of Americana that makes US 66 so unique and singular.

State-by-State detail with the Top 10 attractions of Route-66: Our selection of the must-see sights and the best landmarks in each state along U.S. Route 66.
Select the state below for full information on its Top 10 most famous sights: US Route 66.

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Our Top Ten Sights in each Route 66 State

State-by-State List

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Our State by State "Top Ten" U.S. Route 66's best stops, attractions, and sights webpage.

Vintage car parked by neon sign and office of the Blue Swallow Motel
Blue Swallow Motel and its classic neon sign, in Tucumcari NM

Arizona - Top Ten Spots

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Arizona has plenty of classic Route 66 motels, gas stations, and trading posts; and the bonus of some of its most stunning natural landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest National Park, or the Meteor Crater at Barringer.

Our "Top-Ten Route 66 sights" in Arizona are:

Here it is! Jack Rabbit Trading Post, Route 66, Joseph City, Arizona

Jack Rabbit Trading Post

Two giant arrows stuck in the ground side by side

Twin Arrows, Route 66, Arizona

Route 66's Top Ten in Arizona

  1. Barringer Crater (Barringer Crater)
  2. Historic Wigwam Motel (Holbrook)
  3. Twin Arrows Trading Post (Twin Arrows)
  4. Town of Oatman
  5. Petrified Forest National Park (Holbrook)
  6. Grand Canyon National Park (Williams & Flagstaff)
  7. Hackberry Store (Hackberry)
  8. the Jack Rabbit Trading Post (Joseph City)
  9. Rainbow Rock Shop (Holbrook)
  10. Standing on a Corner in Winslow Arizona

Map of Route 66 in Arizona

> > See our Route 66 Map in Arizona

wild donkeys (called burros) strolling along the street in Oatman, Route 66, Arizona
Burros roaming free on Main Street in Oatman, Arizona.

Bonus: Historic downtown and Urban Route 66 in Williams and Seligman, the birthplace of Historic Route 66.

Yes, to be fair, we must admit that the Grand Canyon is not located on Route 66, but it would be a shame to be so close to it and not visit it. It is only 59 miles north of Williams, AZ, a one-hour drive.

Petrified wood is strewn on the dry rocky ground at the Petrified Forest National Park near Holbrook, AZ
Petrified wood at the Petrified Forest National Park in Holbrook, AZ

More "Top 10" Route 66 Sights

California's Top 10 US 66 sights

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

In California Route 66 crosses the Mojave Desert, the San Andreas Fault, and Hollywood; it reaches the sandy beaches of sun-kissed California on the Pacific Ocean. It is the "End of the Road".

view of Roy's Cafe & Motel under a gigantic neon sign with a vintage police car parked beneath

Roy's Cafe & Motel, Amboy, California
Photographers nature

The Top-Ten of Route 66 in California

  1. El Garces (Needles)
  2. Wigwam Village #7 (San Bernardino)
  3. Santa Monica Pier (Santa Monica)
  4. Bagdad Cafe (Newberry Springs)
  5. Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch (Helendale)
  6. Aztec Hotel (Monrovia)
  7. Cucamonga Richfield Service Station (1915)
  8. Roy's Cafe and Motel (Amboy)
  9. Broadway Theater and Commercial District (Los Angeles)
  10. El Rancho motel (Barstow)

Illinois Top Ten Stops

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Route 66 starts in the "Windy City" of Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan and winds its way across "The Land of Lincoln" to the Mississippi River with many interesting sights along the way.

Our choices for the Top 10 Route 66 attractions in Illinois are these:

Illinois Ten Don't Miss Attractions

  1. Route 66 starting & ending point signs (Chicago)
  2. Ambler's Texaco Gas Station (Dwight) Historic Site
  3. Historic Standard Oil Gasoline Station (Odell) Historic Site
  4. Murals in "Mural City" (Pontiac)
  5. Sprague's Super Service (Normal) Historic Site
  6. Ariston Café (Litchfield) Historic Site
  7. Lauterbach Muffler Man (Springfield)
  8. Soulsby’s Shell Service Station (Mt. Olive) Historic Site
  9. Historical Chain of Rocks Bridge (Madison) Historic Site
  10. Historic Largest Catsup Bottle in the World (Collinsville)

Four extra Bonus attractions in Illinois:

  1. The Guinness World Record World’s Largest Covered Wagon in Lincoln.
  2. The Gemini Giant (Wilmington)
  3. Historic Brick Road (Auburn)
  4. Route 66 Girard to Nilwood (Nilwood)
The Neon Sign of Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket in Willowbrook Route 66
The Neon Sign of Historic Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket in Willowbrook, Illinois. Marcin Wichary

Kansas Route 66 Top Attractions

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Read all about the things to see and do on Route 66 in Kansas.

gabled roofed Historic Phillips 66 vintage gas station

Independent Oil & Gas Service Station. Kevin

Kansas and its Top Ten Route 66 sights

  1. Kan-O-Tex (Galena)
  2. Independent Oil & Gas (Baxter Springs) Historic Site
  3. National Cemetery (Baxter Springs)
  4. Williams Store - Eisler Brothers Old Riverton Store (Riverton) Historic Site
    The oldest continuously operating store on Route 66
  5. Historic Rainbow Bridge (Riverton) Historic Site
  6. Fort Baxter site (Baxter Springs) Civil War battleground
  7. Galena Historic District (Galena) Historic Site
  8. The shortest alignment of Route 66 (13 miles in Kansas)
  9. Cafe on Route 66 (Baxter Springs)
  10. Litch Historical and Mining Museum (Galena)
Restored vintage Kan-O-Tex Service Station & Diner in Galena KS
Kan-O-Tex Service Station & Diner, Galena

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Missouri - Best Route 66 sights

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

From St. Louis to Joplin, the Mother Road goes through many towns with plenty of interesting Route 66 classic icons. Below is the list of those who made it to our Top Ten attractions.

The Top 10 icons in Missouri

The screen of the old Drive-In Theatre in Carthage Missouri

66 Drive-In Theatre, US 66, Carthage MO

  1. The World's (second) Largest Rocking Chair (Fanning)
  2. Meramec River US 66 Bridge (Eureka) Historic Site
  3. Big Chief Hotel (Wildwood) Historic Site
  4. Red Cedar Inn (Pacific) Historic Site
  5. Wagon Wheel Motel, Cafe and Gas Station (Cuba) Historic Site
  6. Historic Rock Fountain Tourist Court Motel (Springfield) Historic Site
  7. 66 drive-in theater (Carthage) Historic Site
  8. Circle Inn Malt Shop (Bourbon).
  9. Munger Moss Motel (Lebanon).
  10. Gillioz Theatre (Springfield) Historic Site

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New Mexico & its Route 66 Top-Ten

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

Visit our New Mexico Route 66 webpage for full details on Route 66 in NM.

Our List with the Top Ten Attractions on US 66 in NM

Austere adobe facade of the San Miguel Mission Oldest Church in the US

Historic Place: Oldest Church in the US, San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe. A. Whittall

  1. Saint Joseph Church (Laguna Pueblo) Historic Site
  2. San Miguel Mission oldest church in the U.S. (Santa Fe) Historic Site
  3. Blue Swallow Motel (Tucumcari) Historic Site
  4. De Anza Motor Lodge (Albuquerque) Historic Site
  5. Kimo Theater (Albuquerque) Historic Site
  6. Acoma Curio Shop (San Fidel) Historic Site
  7. Barrio De Analco (Santa Fe) Historic Site
  8. Whiting Brothers Service Station (Moriarty)
  9. Ruins of the Whiting Bros. Gas Station (San Fidel)
  10. Roy T. Herman's Garage and Service Station (Thoreau) Historic Site

Bonus Sights

Don't miss these two Bonus New Mexico attractions: the Red Top Valentine Diner (Edgewood) and the Musical Highway (Carnuel)

Old Bar in the desert at Suwanee

Bar in Suwanee. A. Whittall

Clines Corners neon sign

Clines Corners Sign, Alan Levine

More Route 66 Attractions

Oklahoma Route 66 Must-see sights

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

What to see in Oklahoma: There are many sights along Route 66 in Oklahoma. In fact, it was not an easy job to define which are the top ten in our ranking. Perhaps you should check out (more OK landmarks Here).

Our Top Sights for Route 66 in Oklahoma

Rock Cafe, Stroud, Oklahoma

Historic Rock Cafe in Stroud, Oklahoma. Chuck Coker

  1. Round Barn (Arcadia) Historic Site
  2. Conoco Hole in the Wall - photo below (Commerce)
  3. Route 66 Museum (Clinton)
  4. Ribbon Road - Sidewalk Road - photo below (Miami to Afton)
  5. Coleman Theatre (Miami) Historic Site
  6. Dairy King (Commerce)
  7. Rock Café (Stroud) Historic Site
  8. Blue Whale (Catoosa)
  9. The World's Largest Totem Pole (Foyil) Historic Site
  10. Brick Paved Broadway Street (Davenport) Historic Site
Vintage Hole in the Wall "cottage style" Conoco Station

Hole in the Wall Conoco Station in Commerce, OK
The White Pelican

1930s Provine Service Station

Provine Service Station (Lucille's Place), Hydro OK

9 foot wide original 1920s paved "Ribbon Road"

The 9 foot wide 1920s Route 66 "Ribbon Road", Miami
Jimmy Emerson, DVM

Avon Court Mote in ruins, Afton

The remains of the 1930s Avon Court, Afton, OK
Larry Myhre

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Texas: Top 10 Route 66 landmarks

California ¦ Arizona ¦ New Mexico ¦ Texas ¦ Oklahoma ¦ Kansas ¦ Missouri ¦ Illinois

The alignment of Route 66 in Texas is the second shortest (after Kansas) but it is packed with plenty of classic icons, below are those that made it to our Top Ten list:

Read more about Route 66 in Texas.

The Top Ten Route66 sights in Texas

Art deco style 1930s CONOCO Tower gas Station, Shamrock

Historic Place: Art-Deco Conoco service station and diner in Shamrock, Texas
Clinton Steeds

  1. Conoco Tower Station - photo above (Shamrock) Historic Site
  2. Cadillac Ranch - photo below (Amarillo)
  3. Midpoint of Route 66 - Cafe (Adrian)
  4. Triangle Motel (Amarillo) Historic Site
  5. Vega Motel (Vega) Historic Site
  6. Amarillo 6th Street District (Amarillo) Historic Site
  7. Glenrio Historic District (Glenrio) Historic Site
  8. Buggy Ranch (Conway)
  9. Historic Route 66 Segment (Conway) Historic Site
  10. Phillips Service Station (McLean) Historic Site
abandoned Amarillo Whiting Bros. Gas Station

Abandoned Whiting Bros. Gas Station, Amarillo, Texas

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