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White Oak

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Almost a Ghost Town

White Oak, a very small agricultural town 6.8 miles west of Vinita along Route 66.

White Oak OK

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About White Oak, Oklahoma

Facts, Trivia and useful information

Elevation: 770 ft. (230 m). Population: 263 (2010 census).
Time zone: Central (CST): UTC minus 6 hours. Summer (DST) CDT (UTC-5).

A very small village just west of Vinita, in northeastern Oklahoma.

White Oak, looking towards the northeast of Route 66

Route 66 in White Oak looking northeast
Old building next to Route 66 in White Oak Oklahoma
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The Historic Route 66 crosses the village from notheast to southwest.

White Oak's History

See Vinita, History for full information on the region's history.

White Oak is a small agricultural community. The post office opened in October 1898, and at that time there already were farmers living there, the railway passes by the western side of the small town, running parallel to Route 66.

A stagnated population led to the closure of the post office in 1957.

Today it is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in Craig County.

The Shawnee Tribe

The Shawnee people were originally from Ohio where they were confined to reservations (1817) and relocated after the Indian Removal Act of 1830: some went to Kansas and others to the Indian Territories in what would later become Oklahoma (1831). After Kansas became a state in 1861, they were again removed and they migrated to Oklahoma after reaching an agreement with the Cherokee people there by which they became citizens of that tribe and were granted land in what is now Rogers and Craig Counties, including White Oak.

It is for this reason that they are known as the "Cherokee Shawnee".

The name: White Oak

The White Oak or Quercus alba is one of eastern America's hardwood trees. It is a member of the oak family (Fagaceae), and native to the region comprised by the Atlantic Seabord to the east, southern Quebec and eastern Minnesota in the north to Florida in the South and the eastern parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas in the west.

Its bark is a light gray (not white) color and that is the reason for its name.

The town is on the western limit of its range.

Oak wood was processed at saw-mills and used for barrel staves (the strips of wood that are used to make a barrel). White Oak's Mill can be seen on the western side of the road.

Route 66 passed through the town in 1926, and brought some prosperity until I-44 was completed in 1957, bypassing it.

Where to Stay

There are several hotels in neighboring Vinita, less than 7 miles east of White Oak. Alternatively you can also lodge in other towns along Route 66 in Oklahoma:

>> Book your Motels and Hotels in Vinita Oklahoma, 7 miles away

Lodging Nearby:
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>> There are two RV campgrounds close to White Oak.

Weather in White Oak

Weather widget for the town nearest White Oak:

Check the Weather and climate of Vinita for historical weather information.

Tornado Risk: White Oak lies within the "Tornado Alley in Oklahoma and experiences about 8 Tornado watches every year.

Read more about: Tornadoes on Route66.

Route 66 and White Oak Oklahoma
Location of White Oak. Route 66

Getting to White Oak

It is 6.8 miles southwest of Vinita.

To the southwest, along Route 66 are Chelsea and Claremore.

Map of White Oak and Route66

in Oklahoma.

Pale Blue: Historic Route 66 alignment; Red line: Interstate highways, where they overlap the old alignment.

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Route 66 itinerary to White Oak

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Route 66 in Oklahoma

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White Oak, OK: Attractions & Sights

Things to Do and See

Small Town Attractions

The main landmark is the Mill, on the right side of the road (if you head west), to the southwest of the town.

Native American Dances and Ceremonies

In line with the town's Shawnee roots, it is the location of the Shawnee Tribe's ancestral annual Spring and Fall Bread Dances and Green Corn ceremonies.

US Highway 66

Historic Route 66 alignment

Learn more about alignment of Historic Route-66 through Oklahoma.

Natural Attractions

National & State Parks

See the nearby places ideal for outdoor recreation and enjoying nature here: State Parks near Vinita - White Oak


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Image Used as per Google Street View Image Api Updated Dec. 31, 2014.

Image by Vítězslav Válka adapted under its CC BY-SA 3.0 CZ License

Map Icons by Nicolas Mollet under its CC BY SA 3.0 License