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On the "Original" 1926 Alignment

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Calumet, is a small farming community in Canadian County, set upon the original alignment of Route 66 (1926-1932) through the area, enjoy its peaceful air of bygone days and taste its local wines at the Winery.

Calumet OK

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About Calumet, Oklahoma

Facts, Trivia and useful information

Elevation:1,381 ft (421 m). Population: 507 (2010).
Time zone: Central (CST): UTC minus 6 hours. Summer (DST) CDT (UTC-5).

Calumet is a town in northwestern Canadian County, Central Oklahoma. It is a part of the Oklahoma City Metro Area.

Main Street and water tank, Calumet

Main Street in Calumet
Main Street and Water Tank, Calumet OK., click on image for Street View

This part of Oklahoma has been inhabited for more than 10,000 years. The Native American population that peopled the area in the mid 1800s however, was settled there after several migrations:

Cheyennes and Arapahos

The Cheyenne were an agricultural people that lived near the Great Lakes in Minnesota who moved towards the Great Plains in the 1700s. The Arapaho lived in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and Canada. Both groups formed an alliance and their territory ranged from Montana to Texas. Though treaties between both nations and the U.S. government (1868) guaranteed the integrity of their traditional lands, the European settlers invaded these native territories and this led to conflict and war. A second treaty (1867) promised the Arapaho a Reservation in Kansas however they agreed to move with the Cheyenne to territory near Fort Reno.

But this would be short lived because the land was too valuable: the US Congress organized Oklahoma Territory from land formerly ceded to Indian Nations. The land of the Reservation was assigned to individual tribe members at 160 acres each and the surplus was puchased by the government. This surplus land was then opened to settlement during the "Cheyenne-Arapaho Opening" in April 1892. Which allowed settlers into "County C", modern Canadian County's western area.

Tribal govenment was dissolved in 1898 in an attempt assimilate the Native Americans.

Calumet, the Name

Calumet is the famous "Peace Pipe" of the American Indians. The word is not a Native American word, it is French, "chalumeau" which means "reeds" (also "straw"). Because reeds were used to make the stem of pipes. The original word is Norman, and was brought to the New World by Norman French settlers in Canada.

The local post office opened in 1893 and Anna Cowdrey was the first postmistress. It was located about 1 mile southwest of the town's current location. The local farmers who homesteaded in the area used El Reno as the nearest railway depot, (15 miles away) but in 1898 the Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad decided to build a depot on William Tyler's homestead. The post office moved to the new site and Reuben G. Shirk laid out the town.

The farming community was included in the first original alignment of Route 66 in 1926 which looped north from El Reno, through Calumet and Geary before heading south again through Bridgeport. But in 1933 a new upgraded highway bypassed this loop, five miles south of the town (El Reno Cutoff) thus Calumet remaind isolated from the prosperity that Route 66 brought other communities along its alignment.

It incorporated in 1942 in order to build a city water system, and has remained an agricultural economy and a typical American small-town.


Where to Stay

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Lodging Near Calumet along Route 66

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>> There are RV campgrounds close to Calumet.

The average high in January 46.9°F (8.3°C) is and the average low is 24.2°F -below freezing (-4.3°C). The average summer high (July) is 94.4°F (34.7°C) and the average low is 69.9°F (21.1°C).

Rainfall averages 28.1 inches (714 mm) annually, with May, June and September being the rainiest months 4.5, 4.3 and 3.8 inches (114, 109 and 97 mm) respectively.

There are approximately 88 wet days every year with thunderstorms more frequent during summer; these storms may provoke hail and spawn tornadoes.

Snow may fall between November to March: 9.5 inches of snow (24 cm) per year.

Tornado risk

Calumet is located in the "Tornado Alley and experiences approximately 11 Tornado watches annually

Tornado Risk: read more about Tornado Risk along Route66.

Calumet’s Weather

Latest Calumet, Oklahoma weather
Route 66: Calumet, Oklahoma location map
Location of Calumet on Route 66

Getting to Calumet

Heading east from Calumet down Route 66 are the towns of: El Reno (13 mi.), Yukon (27 mi.), Oklahoma City (42 mi.), and Edmond (53 mi.)

To the west, are Geary (11 mi.), Bridgeport (20 mi.), Hydro (31 mi.) and Weatherford, 38 miles.

Map of Route 66 through Calumet Oklahoma

See the alignment of US 66 in Calumet, on our Oklahoma Route 66 Map, it has the complete alignment across the state with all the towns along it.

The map above shows US 66 alignment through Calumet, the color key For Calumet only is the following:

Pale Blue: Historic Route 66 alignment.
The Black: line marks the 1926 to 1932 alignment through Calumet and Geary.

Route 66's alignment in Oklahoma: the Historic Route 66 through Calumet

Route 66 logo

Route 66 in Oklahoma

Click to read the Full description of Route 66 across Oklahoma.

Read below for more information on Route 66's alignment in Calumet.

Route 66 landmarks & attractions

Sights in Calumet

Calumet Attractions

Calumet is a typical small rural community located on the original 1926 alignment of Route 66. Visit its winery and ride the "old road".

Local Wines & Wineries


Sand Hill Vineyards owned by Andrew and Katy Snyder. You can visit their vineyards in Calumet (12767 N. Courtney Rd.) or their store in El Reno (5005 Darlington Rd. El Reno), (405) 760-1268.


Tours & Itineraries

Nearby Route 66 Towns

Visit, to the east, the nearby town of El Reno, and to the west, Geary.

Route 66 alignment through Oklahoma

Learn more about alignment of Historic Route-66 through Oklahoma.

The Old alignment of Route 66 near Calumet

For those keen on seeking out the old original roadbed of Route 66, these are some tips for the Calumet segment:

Historic Route 66 through Calumet

The original US highway 66 from El Reno to Bridgeport ran as follows: it headed west from El Reno along the eastbound lanes of modern Bus. 40. At the modern Ft. Reno turnoff. it followed modern E1020 Rd. (Route 66). Which was the 1926-1962 alignment until reaching US 270. At this point is where the "loop" or 1926 - 1933 alignment ran north through Calumet and Geary.

After 1932, the road just kept west from the junction of US 66 and US 270, it was built as a paved road and shortened the original alignment by several miles. It also bypassed both Calumet and Geary. It was originally paved in 1931-32 in Portland Concrete and was known as "El Reno Cutoff".

The 1932 alignment then followed US281 Bus. Spur (with a NW alignment after the Cherokee Trading Post, and took a left to the west along old Old Hwy 66 (Paved in 1932) until it reached US 281 and turned left with a SW alignment heading west towards Bridgeport.

The Calumet segment: original alignment

As described above, at current US 270, the original alignment of 1926 turned north towards Calumet. But it did not follow the course of current US 270, instead, until Six-mile Creek it ran to the west of it, along what is now N. Calumet Rd. Which was never paved, it was only improved with oil and gravel in 1931.

The road was only paved in Portland Concrete (along current US 270 - created in 1929 and overlapping US 66 in this section) all the way to Calumet in 1931-32. From Six-mile Creek, the paved alignment curved NW and merged with the old unpaved alignment northwards into Calumet along Calumet Rd.

It originally left town between 1926 and 1922 along Todd St. and then went north along S. Red Rock until it met the railroad and turned left (west) along current US 270 until reaching Memoral Rd. NW, which it followed west until the junction with N. Karns Rd. where it turned right, northwards until reaching what is now US 271, which it took westwards all the way into Geary.

After 1929 and until 1933 it went from Calumet to Geary along the modern alignment of US 270.

See a map with the 1926 Calumet Segment; the Map above shows the later alignment before the 1932 upgrade that created the "El Reno Cutoff".

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Banner is the Dead Man's Curve, Laguna, New Mexico; by Perla Eichenblat.