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Map of Route 66 through New Mexico

Route 66 Map in New Mexico

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The following Interactive Map of Route 66 in New Mexico includes the original 1926 to 1937 alignment through Romeroville, Pecos and Santa Fe (Santa Fe Loop) and from Albuquerque to Mesita via Peralta and Los Lunas.
It also shows the later (1937) shorter alignment from Santa Rosa to Albuquerque through Moriarty. It displays the alignment of Route 66 across the state and each of the villages, towns and cities that is passes through.
Click on the town icons of the map for a link to more detailed information on their attractions, landmarks, history and accommodations plus detailed local maps.

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New Mexico Route 66 Map

Map of US 66 in New Mexico

US Route 66's map through New Mexico shown below displays the main alignment that bypassed Santa Fe in 1937. And also the original alignment through Pecos, Santa Fe, Algodones, Peralta, Suwanee (1926-1937), hich is shown in Green.

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Color key to the Map

The Pale Blue line marks the Historic Route 66 alignment where it can still be driven.
Black line or gaps in the alignement, shows the parts where Interstate highways I-40, US 84 or I-25 overlap the original roadbed of US 66.
Blue lines shows old alignments that were cut off from the main one and can still be driven.
Green line is the 1926-37 Road through Santa Fe and Los Lunas (Santa Fe Loop).

For the other parts of the map, check the color key of the map of the nearest city


Click on any town icon and follow the link to that town's web page; you will find plenty of useful information (weather, history, interesting spots, landmarks, hotels and motels and directions on the alignment of Route 66 close to it).

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Main Alignment (after 1937)

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Santa Fe Loop (1926-37)

Towns in Black font are also located on the Main alignment.

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