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Route 66

Route 66 Elevation Profile

Map with the altitudes along Route 66

Get a Route 66 elevation profile map with the heights of your trip: see the gradient, altitude profile of the road, with heights in feet or meters and distances in miles or kilometers. Map the heights of your journey along US 66 and add custom routes.


Elevation Profile Map of Route 66

Check the altitude of your road trip route

Elevation Profile

The elevation profile or topographic profile, is a two-dimensional cross sectional view of the landscape that your path crosses. It shows the altitude of your route.

It is fun to know the elevation profile of your journey along route 66, know how high you are riding with this fun-packed map and chart: set your own destinations and routes and verify your elevation profile. See the maximum and minimum altitudes along the way.

The map below will display your chosen route. You can adjust it by moving the markers.

Under the map is the Elevation Profile of the chosen route. Enjoy!

Define your Route

You can define your route as follows:

  1. Choose your units: km ⁄ m or miles ⁄feet.
  2. Remove the default map by clicking the Reset button.
  3. Select your new route by clicking on the map to mark your waypoints or entering the names of the places and pressing your enter key (you can enter up to 10 waypoints).
    You can drag and drop the markers to relocate them along your route.


Metric Values (km ⁄ meters) US ⁄ Imperial Values (miles ⁄ feet)

Some default examples of Elevation Profiles along Route 66 (click to see them)

The Whole Route 66 ¦ Continental Divide, NM ¦ Cajon Canyon Pass, CA
Sitgreaves Pass, AZ


:::: The map is loading, default map is Route 66 across the U.S see the elevation profile below ::::

Click on the bar chart and see the height and distance of any given point

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