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Edwardsville has several classic sights on Route 66: the Old Halley Store, the Historic Czech Building, Kriege Hardware ⁄ Deweys Pizza with its restored neon sign.
A Kitschy Fiberglass Cow store sign, the 1930s West End Service Station and a Historic US 66 road sign

Edwardsville Illinois

City Route 66 in Illinois

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The Main Alignment of Route 66 (after 1954) at Edwardsville



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All about Edwardsville, Illinois

Trivia, Useful Information & Facts

Elevation: 452 ft (138 m). Population 24,293 (2010).
Time zone: Central (CST): UTC minus 6 hours. Summer (DST) CDT (UTC-5).

The city of Edwardsville is the county seat of Madison County, Illinois. Part of the Metro East region of greater St. Louis. (Map of Edwardsville).

History of Edwardsville

Humans have lived in Illinois since the retreat of the glaciers at the end of th last Ice Age some 12,000 years ago. For the early history of Madison County, read this.

It is the third oldest city in the State of Illinois.

Herby the Hereford in Edwardsville, Illinois

Herby the Hereford store sign in Edwardsville Route 66
Herby the Hereford store sign in Edwardsville, Illinois. Click to enlarge image

The first settler was Thomas Kirkpatrick, in 1805, at the time when the European and Americans living at American Bottom, below the river bluffs moved out and into the tallgrass prairies of Illinois.

A community flourished and he named it after his friend Ninian Edwards. It incorporated in 1818. It was a farming community on the main trail into Central Illinois.

Route 66 was aligned through the community in 1926 and remained so until the 1950s.

The Name:Edwardsville

named in honor of Ninian Edwards (1775 – 1833) then Governor of the Illinois Territory (1809 to 1818). He was one of the first two United States Senators from Illinois from 1818 to 1824, and as the third Governor of Illinois from 1826 to 1830.


Edwardsville, its Hotels and Motels

Lodging & accommodation in Edwardsville

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Edwardsville's weather

weather in Edwardsville, Il
Edwardsville map on US Highway 66
Here is Edwardsville, on U.S. Hwy 66 in Illinois

Average temperatures for Summer (Jul) are 90°F (32.2°C) -high, and 70°F (21.1°C) -low. While the winter averages are (Jan) 36°F (2.2°C) and a chilly 19°F (-7.2°) respectively.

Rainfall his fairly even throughout the year with peaks of 4.2 inches in April and May. With a minimum of 2 inches (51 mm) in January.

Expect snow, ice and sleet in winter.

Tornado risk

Edwardsville is in an area that is hit by about 7 tornados per year, so your chances of seeing one are not that large.

Tornado Risk: learn more about the Tornado Risk on US 66.

Map of Route 66 through Edwardsville, Illinois

See the alignment of US 66 in Edwardsville, on our Illinois Route 66 Map, it has the complete alignment across the state with all the towns along it.

This is the color key for Edwardsville:
Pale Blue: Historic Route 66 further east.
Salmon is Route 66 through Edwardsville.
Blue, Green, Gray, Pink, Yellow, Violet show different alignments of Route 66
Brown is the BYP US-66.
Orange: the 1926-32 aligment in St. Louis.
Black: lost segments.

Route 66 in Illinois: Historic Route 66 in Edwardsville

Route 66 logo

Route 66 across Illinois

Historic Route 66 has been designated as an All-American Road and a National Scenic Byway in the state of Illinois.

Click for a description of Route 66 in Illinois.

Below we provide More information on US 66 in the neighborhood of Edwardsville.

Edwardsville: its classic Route 66 Sights

Attractions & Landmarks


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Reaching Edwardsville

Get to Edwardsville driving along Historic U.S. 66 or take the freeways: I-270 or I-55 and State Hwy 157.

US 66 Historic context

Jack DeVere Rittenhouse published his "A Guide Book to Highway 66" in 1946 and he mentions Edwardsville, writing that it had 8,008 residents: "Bothman garage; hotels: Leland, Colonial; homes offer rooms for tourists; gas; cafes... Several Indian and pioneer relics are on display in a county historical museum here".

He added that 6 miles east of town, and three from Hamel was the "Green Gables tourist court and gas station", followed by another one 2 miles west. These two have vanished.

Tour of Edwardsville

Head into town from the East along Historic Route 66. The first sight is an Old Store:

Old Halley Store

Chapman St. and IL-157 to your right

The old store to your right was the first grocery store east of town originally the Superior Cash and Carry Grocery, it became Halley's Cash Market in 1927 ans was ran by Thomas and Mayme Halley until 1972. Later it became Springer's Creek Winery. Its current appearance is shown below.

Old Halley Store in Edwardsville US66

Old Halley Store, Edwardsville, Il. Click for street view

historic Czech Building in Edwardsville US66

historic Czech Building, Edwardsville, Il. Click for street view

Drive into town and don't miss the "Historic Route 66" sign to your right at 133 St. Andrews Ave. (Street View.

Brick paved street

Turn right along E Vandalia Street. Spot the Street paved with red bricks when you look north along S. Filmore Street; This is the Street view of Red Brick paving.

Keep west, pass the church and ahead to your left, just past N. Buchanan St. is the Czech Hall:

historic Czech Building

237 E Vandalia St

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

The Historic hall reads on its facade: National Hall Cecho Slovenský Podporující Spolky (Czechoslovak Protective Society) 1906. It was built in 1906 for Lodge Nbr. 7 which was housed here from 1906 to 1971. All meetings were held in the Czech language until 1958.

The lower level was leased to soft drink and liquor establishments until 1969. The first Czechs in the Edwardsville as farmers and laborers after 1851, escaping turmoil in the Austrian Empire in 1848. See it pictured above.

On the next block, to your right is a former hardware store which now is a pizza shop:


Kriege Hardware ⁄ Deweys Pizza

112 E Vandalia St,

Dewey’s Pizza occupies the red-brick building that used to be the Kriege Hardware store which opened in this building back in 1948. The sign survived the closure of the store in 2011 and restored the word "Hardware" was replaced by "Deweys" and "Kriege" by "Pizza". But it is still there. The store is pictured below and further down is the original sign.

Kriege Hardware ⁄ Deweys Pizza in Edwardsville, Illinois

Kriege Hardware ⁄ Deweys Pizza in Edwardsville Route 66
Kriege Hardware ⁄ Deweys Pizza in Edwardsville, Illinois. Click to enlarge image

Below is the original Kriege neon sign.

original Kriege neon sign in Edwardsville US66

Original Kriege Store neon sign, Edwardsville, Il.

Historic US 66 road sign in Edwardsville US66

Historic US 66 road sign, Edwardsville, Il. Click for street view

Now take a right along IL-159 (Main Street) to see a classic example of Kitsch & Americana it is on the second block, to your right:

Fiberglass Cow store sign

246 N. Main St.

The butcher shop is crowned by the iconic "Herbie the Hereford", it is in the image below, inside the blue circle. The shop opened in 1947 and is next to Wildey theater which was built as an opera house in 1909.

At the top of the page is a detailed view of "Herby the Hereford".

Fiberglass Cow store sign in Edwardsville, Illinois

Fiberglass Cow store sign in Edwardsville Route 66
Fiberglass Cow store sign in Edwardsville, Illinois. Click to enlarge image

Head back to Vandalia St. and continue west along W. Vandalia for four blocks; it becomes St. Louis St. and at the corner of West St. where Route 66 turns south to leave town, to your left is a former gas station from the 1930s:

West End Service Station

198 West St.

Originally a Madison Oil Co. station which opened in 1927. It was named the West End Service Station in 1936 and a new yellow-brick building was built. It is stil there, with its cottage style from the 30s. It ia pictured below:

West End Service Station in Edwardsville, Illinois

West End Service Station in Edwardsville Route 66
West End Service Station in Edwardsville, Illinois. Click to enlarge image

Just ahead is another Road Sign on Route 66

Historic US 66 Road Sign

145 West Street

The sign is on the eastern side of the road for eastbound traffic. It is Pictured above

And this is the end of your drive through Edwardsville, head west to visit Mitchell.

Edwardsville: alignment of Historic Route 66

It is an 8.4 mile drive from Hamel in the east to Edwardsville Map with Directions.

The original 1926 alignment is still there, a two lane highway, currently State Highway 157. It then headed south and west to reach Mitchell. and from there (1926 - 1929) it turned south towards Madison to cross the Mississippi along the McKinley Bridge.

This would become the City 66 or main US 66 when in 1929 the Chain of Rocks Bridge opened, it allowed traffic to circle around St. Louis (via Bypass 66) or down into the city along CY 66 in MO.

Finally, in 1965 it was replaced by the 4-lane highway from Hamel through Troy and Colinsville further south, which bypassed Edwardsville and Mitchell.

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Banner image: Dead Man's Curve, Laguna New Mexico by Perla Eichenblat.

Place Names of Illinois, Edward Callary

J. Rittenhouse, 1946, A Guide Book to Highway 66