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On Thee Route 66 alignments

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Kirkwood is located on three of Route 66 alignments: the first one (1926 -1932) the later one (since 1932) and the Bypass 66 alignment of Route around St. Louis.
Some of its original sights have survived:
Spencer’s Grill, the Three stacked chairs, Trog’s Service Station, Another Gas Station, and the Green Parrot Inn.

St. Louis Missouri

Route 66, the "1926-32" Alignment into St. Louis

< West     Gray Summit ¦ Wildwood ¦ Ballwin ¦ Manchester ¦ Des Peres ¦ Kirkwood ¦ Rock Hill ¦ Brentwood ¦ Maplewood     East >

Bypass Route 66 Around St. Louis
< Southwest     Kirkwood ¦ Creve Coeur ¦ Maryland Heights ¦ Bridgeton ¦ Hazelwood ¦ Mitchell ¦ Edwardsville ¦ Hamel     Northeast >

The Main Alignment of Route 66 at St. Louis

< Head West
Eureka ¦ Times Beach ¦ Fenton

Head East >
Sunset Hills ¦ Marlborough ¦ St. Louis


About Kirkwood, Missouri

Facts, Trivia and useful information

Kirkwood was established in 1852 in the eastern part of Bonhomme Township. It was named after James P. Kirkwood who was the first chief engineer of the Missouri Pacific Railroad.

See this Map of the town

It has the rare honor of having three different Route 66 alignments running through it: the first one, from 1926 to 1932 along Manchester Rd., the later one, after 1932 and until the road was decertified, along its southern edge, and the Route 66 Bypass, with a north to south alignment along Kirkwood Rd. (which becomes Lindbergh Blvd.)

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Weather in Kirkwood

Latest Kirkwood, Missouri weather
Route 66: Kirkwood map with town location
Location of Kirkwood on Route 66

Rainfall in Kirkwood is, on average 41 in. (1.041 mm). The most rainy months are from May through July with more than 4.1 in per month (104 mm). Snow falls from Nov. to Apr.: 17.8 in. (45 cm). Relative humitiy is on average 69.7% roughl the whole year.

Kirkwood has four well marked seasons. It is located in the area where humid continental climate shifts towards a humid subtropical climate, so summers are hot and humid while winters are cold. It gets cold Arctic air and hot damp tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico. Spring is wet and may have extreme weather (tornados, thunderstorms and even winter storms). Fall is sunny and less humid, with mild weather.

The average winter high (Jan) is a chilly 39.9°F (4.4°C) and the winter low is on average 23.7°F (-4.6°C). The summer (Jul) average high is 89.1°F (31.7°C) and the average low is 71°F (21.7°C).

Tornado risk

Kirkwood is inside Missouri's "Tornado Alley" and St. Louis County has around 7 tornados each year.

Tornado Risk: read more about Tornado Risk along U.S. 66.

Getting to Kirkwood

Reach Kirkwood driving the historic 1926 - 1932 Route 66 now known as Missouri State Highway 100, or use Interstate I-44. I-270, US 50, US 61, I-55 and I-64 cross the area.



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Map of Route 66 through Kirkwood Missouri

See the alignment of US 66 in this location, on our Missouri Route 66 Map, it has the complete alignment across the state with all the towns along it.

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Route 66's alignment in Missouri: the Historic Route 66 through Kirkwood

Route 66 logo

Route 66 across Missouri

Historic U.S. highway 66, "Route 66" has been designated as an All-American Road and National Scenic Byway in the state of Missouri.

Click on the following link for a Full description of Route 66 across the state of Missouri.

Below is more information on the different Route 66's alignments through Kirkwood (they are shown in the Map above)

Route 66 Sights in Kirkwood


Walking Tour in St. Louis

Enjoy a fun and fascinating ¾ mile stroll through the oldest, most historic and most haunted part of St Louis.
The tour takes you around the historic neighborhood called Lacledes landing, the site of the famous duel by a former US president. Lern about the most famous Exorcism in history (which sparked a famous movie), and more.

Its Attractions and Landmarks

Start your tour of Kirkwood on the "post-1932" U.S. 66 (now MO-366, at Watson and Kirkwood Rd.) where BYP 66 and CY 66 met. Head north towards Kirkwood. Take a left along West Big Bend Road (this is the map with directions, after 1.4 miles you will reach a historical icon:

Green Parrot Inn

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

1500 West Big Bend Road

This classic restaurant is described in the postcard pictured below as follows: "We specialize in Fried Chicken Dinners Open Year-Around Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Toothman, Proprietors...".

The Green Parrot was built in 1915 by William Bopp.

Postcard of the Old Green Parrot, Kirkwood MO

postcard Green Parot Kirkwood
Postcard of the Green Parrot in Kirkwood, Missouri, Click on image to enlarge

Its present appearance:

Green Parrot today, Kirkwood
Green Parrot nowadays Kirkwood, Missouri, click on image for Street View

Retrace your steps and continue north along former BYP 66 when you reach downtown Kirkwood just sout of the railway.

Spencer's Grill

223 S Kirkwood Rd.

Don't miss its classic neon sign. It is in downtown Kirkwood and opened in 1947. Try its breakfast pancakes and omelets (and hamburgers too).

Check out this vintage postcard, it has hardly changed!

Spencer's Grill with its good food and neon sign, Kirkwood MO

Spencer’s gril Kirkwood
Spencer's Grill Kirkwood, Missouri. Click on image for Street View

Continue north and you will see the railway station to your left Kirkwood railway station

The railway station, click image for street view

Behind the station is Argonne Drive. Park and take a walk. To the west is a great view of the good old days (see the red brick building of "Hay Grain Flou r& Feed Mills -this is its Street View.

To the west is a modern work of art, the "Chairs":

Three Stacked Chairs

Three Stacked Chairs, click for street view

Three Stacked Chairs

E. Argonne Dr.

The "3 Stacked Chairs" is the creation of artist Brother Mel Meyer, S.M., 1996, it wa dedicated in the median of Argonne Drive in 2007.

Continue north along Kirkwood Rd. Take a right along MO-100 and just ahead, to your left is a classic service station (no pumps now! only oil changes):

Trog's Service Station

10456 Manchester Rd, Kirkwood

Don't miss this 1940s? gas station on Manchester Road. it is pictured below.

Keep eastbound along MO-100 and ahead, to your left is the old Saint Agnes Home which you can see in this street view.

old gas station

Old Trog's Service station. Click image for street view

vintage gas station

Vintage Service station. Click image for street view

Old Gas Station

9910 Manchester Rd.

Now I-Tint Windows LLC, pictured above, it is definitely an old gas station, it is pictured above.

There are two other interesting things to see in town:

The Frank Lloyd Wright House in Ebsworth Park

120 North Ballas Road, Kirkwood

Located in the Sugar Creek area of Kirkwood this is a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, consideredthe greatest American architect of the 20th century.

It is a 1,900-square-foot residence and is one of only five Wright designs in Missouri.

Coral Court Motel rebuilt in the St. Louis Transportation Museum

The rebuilt cottage from Coral Court Motel, Jon Roanhaus

Museum of Transportation

3015 Barrett Station Rd, Their website.

From steam locomotives to automobiles from 1901 to the 1960s, worth stopping by. Admission fee is charged. Portions of the old Coral Court Motel is preserved here.


Banner image: Dead Man's Curve, Laguna New Mexico by Perla Eichenblat.