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Route 66

Rock Hill

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On the 1926-32 Route 66 alignment

Rock Hill is located on the original 1926 -1932 alignment of Route western in St. Louis County, central-eastern Missouri. See its historic Historic Fairfax House from the 1840s.

St. Louis Missouri

Route 66, the "1926-32" Alignment into St. Louis

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About Rock Hill, Missouri

Facts, Trivia and useful information

James Collier Marshal (1804-1864) was a farmer from Worcester County in Maryland and he moved to what is now Rock Hill around 1838. He and his brother eventually owned 900 acres along Manchester Road in what was then Central Township.

The road was improved after 1837 (until then it was an Indian and trapper trail) and widened to 30 ft.

The name was recorded as Rock Hill in 1841 when John Marshal was postmaster. By 1850 the population of Central Township was 1,133. Rock Hill had only 50 residents in 1881.

The town incorporated in 1929, just three years after Route 66 passed through it.

See this Map of the town.

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Weather in Rock Hill

Latest Rock Hill, Missouri weather
Route 66: Rock Hill map with town location
Location of Rock Hill on Route 66

Rainfall is on average, 41 in. (1.041 mm) per year. The wettesty months are from May through July with over 4.1 in monthly (104 mm). Snow falls from Nov. to Apr.: 17.8 in. (45 cm). Relative humitiy is on average 69.7% roughl the whole year.

The average winter high (Jan) is a chilly 39.9°F (4.4°C) and the winter low is on average 23.7°F (-4.6°C). The summer (Jul) average high is 89.1°F (31.7°C) and the average low is 71°F (21.7°C).

Rock Hill has four well marked seasons. Placed in the zone where the humid continental climate becomes a humid subtropical one, its summers are hot and wet and its winters are cold. It gets cold Arctic air and hot damp tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico. Spring is wet and may have extreme weather (tornados, thunderstorms and even winter storms). Fall has mild weather with plenty of sun and is less humid than summer.

Tornado risk

Rock Hill is located within Missouri's "Tornado Alley"; St. Louis County is hit by some 7 tornados every year.

Tornado Risk: read more about Tornado Risk along U.S. 66.

Getting to Rock Hill

Reach Rock Hill driving the historic 1926 - 1932 Route 66 now known as Missouri State Highway 100, or use Interstate I-44. I-270, US 50, US 61, I-55 and I-64 cross the area.

Map of Route 66 through Rock Hill Missouri

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Below is the color key for Route 66’s alignment in Rock Hill:
(for the other parts of Missouri, check the color key in the corresponding city's web page)

Pale Blue: Historic Route 66 alignment west of Gray Summit. East of Gray Summit is the post-1932 road.
Red line or gaps in alignment, is I-40, where it overlaps the old alignment.
Blue and Green show different things which you should check at each town's individual maps. Route 66 segments
Orange: the 1926-32 aligment through St. Louis.
Black: missing segments.

Learn more on the different Route 66's alignments through St. Louis.

Google Maps. Terms. Nicolas Mollet, CC BY SA 3.0 License

Route 66's alignment in Missouri: the Historic Route 66 through Rock Hill

Route 66 logo

Route 66 across Missouri

Historic U.S. highway 66, "Route 66" has been designated as an All-American Road and National Scenic Byway in the state of Missouri.

Click on the following link for a Full description of Route 66 across the state of Missouri.

Below is more information on the different Route 66's alignments through Rock Hill (they are shown in the Map above)

1926 Map of Route 66 from St. James to St. Louis, Missouri, notice that this first map calls it "US 60", instead of US 66 (read more about this: Route 66 was born as US 60). Rock Hill is in where the "black" line meets St. Louis City.

1926 Map of Route 66 from St. James to St. Louis MO
1926 Map of Route 66 from St. James to St. Louis in Missouri, by

Route 66 Sights in Rock Hill

Landmarks and Places to See

Fairfax House

2830-2876 S McKnight Rd, St. Louis, MO

Originally located on the other side of Manchester Rd., facing north, in 1941 it was moved 450 feet to the north, and across the street to its present location. It moved again, in 1997 to its current site after it was threatened by real estate development.

It was built in 1841 by James C. Marshal and was the first permanent building in what is now Rock Hill. At that time Manchester Road was known as the "Old State Road" and present Rock Hill Road was then "Military Road".

It was the origin of the town, because by 1850 there was a post office, stage coach stop, church, store and school close to it.

Fairfax House in Rock Hill Missouri
Historic Fairfax House Rock Hill

See the historic building's Street View.

Trainwreck Saloon

9243 Manchester Rd.

The oldest continuously operated tavern in St. Louis. It has burgers and bar food. It dates back to 1890, with original elements still in place. Street View


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